1988 Honda Civic 1.3


Old, slow, but completely bullet proof


Not mechanical faults in the time I had it.

Bad fuel consumption, even for a small engine.

Pretty rubbish acceleration and top speed.

General Comments:

This car although ridiculously old and in all honesty, a bit rubbish, was just bullet proof.

I bought it for a mere 200 quid with 6 months tax and ticket, as a cheap runaround to get me out of a tight spot for a bit.

It served me reliably and without fault for a little under a year. It was even rear ended by some silly beggar in a Golf, but I just duct-taped the bumper back on and that was that.

The little automatic engine was lacking in horses, and drank more fuel that was expected for a 1.3, but it was tough and never missed a beat. On the coldest, wettest mornings, it would start first time. Even after sitting for a week, it snapped into action at the turn of the key like a little trooper.

The interior was 80's blue all over, but fitted the purpose and everything worked.

Though slow and old, this car was so reliable and easy to drive.

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Review Date: 10th January, 2013

1988 Honda Civic GT 1.5


A cheap reliable fun pocket rocket, well pleased


Had cracked windscreen when bought.

Inlet manifold gasket was blown.

Minor rust in back arches.

Windscreen washer motor.

General Comments:

Bought the car from an auction for £135 thinking it would be a good little runabout for a friends girlfriend. After driving it I decided it is far too much fun to drive to part company with so has now become MY little runabout!

Even came with a face off sony radio cassette that works.

Very lively 1500cc 12 valve injection engine that revs really freely, but is very economical to run if you manage to exercise some self control on the fun pedal.

Comfortable to drive and handles well, but could do with some more rubber on the road.

Fits through gaps in the traffic easily, excellent steering lock and the back seats fold down to make a good mini-estate car if required.

Very well built, no rust apart from the back arches which I am going to repair.

After a good valet, got the windscreen and inlet gasket fixed, changed the oil and filter and replaced a washer motor she sailed through the MOT no problem.

My only critisism is the lack of power steering which was an extra as some of these cars do have PAS.

I have located a set of "14 alloy wheels in a local breakers for £80 to finish my little project off.

All told the car will be finished for about £400 which would probably only buy you a rusty boring XR2.

I'll be keeping an eye out for more cheap hondas, well impressed with the build quality and reliability.

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Review Date: 17th January, 2003