2012 Honda Civic ES 1.8 petrol


Basically a good car, but very annoying flaws


Nothing serious.

General Comments:

I feel that Honda have not really researched the interior layout of this car very well - it is in a word, appalling.

The heater controls are way too small and fiddly, and are well below eye line, so you have to take your eyes off the road to adjust them.

The release for the fuel cap is too far back in the driver's footwell to reach from the seat without dislocating your shoulder, so one has to get out of the car and kneel on the floor to reach it.

The setup instructions for the hands free phone are very confusing; even managing to defeat the dealers.

The radio keeps forgetting the iPod connection.

The boot drips water on your head and in the boot when you open it after it's been raining.

The rear view is appalling and the wiper barely helps.

The rear indicators are far too small and can easily be not seen by following cars.

No spare wheel, just a can of sealant which wrecks the tyres and makes them unrepairable.

Fuel consumption is very disappointing at 36 MPG for a mixture of driving with the eco button on permanently; with the eco button off, expect nearer 30 MPG.

Good points, excellent ride quality, Honda bullet proof reliability, excellent dealers, cheap servicing, lots of toys for the money.

This is my 4th Honda; they will have to do better for me to buy another.

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Review Date: 27th August, 2015

2012 Honda Civic ES i-VTEC 1.8


Lost the old model's flair and driver involvement


Nothing as yet.

General Comments:

Still a good and reliable/well built car.

The ride is a lot better now, and the benefit of a rear wiper and larger lower rear screen, which is now heated, helps a lot. Useful things like being able to open the mirrors/windows with the remote key is good too. Higher level of refinement overall than my old car. Deeper bumpers also resist little parking bumps too.

Unfortunately though, when you look at both side by side (2006 model and this) the new one looks a lot blander. Gone are the unique triangular door handles and exhaust finisher and generally the unique look. The new car still looks a bit different, but also quite ugly in my opinion.

The drive is quite like a Golf, so it's competent, but the steering isn't as responsive and the handling is safe but mushy. I guess that's the trade off for the better ride. A shame.

The I button trip computer controls on the steering wheel are nowhere near as simple; you now have to go in to various menus to select what you want to see, and this can be confusing on the move. The cabin lighting is only in the middle of the car, i.e. when you open the doors, there is no frontal light now either.

Less front passenger leg room now.

SYNC button on the climate control replaces the DUAL button - again, a slightly more complex affair.

A strange Honda that has had a different approach overall, and one for the worse in my opinion.

Overall though, it's still a good car compared to many others out there.

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Review Date: 28th April, 2013

27th Nov 2013, 22:26

There is this trend in the current car manufacturing. Marketing guys confuse modernity with complexity. I firmly believe any consumer goodies, from the toaster to vehicles, must be conceived in such way to be the easiest to use. What is the point of adding complex functions that require complex manipulation? What is that the engineers don't understand? I can image those guys in front of their computer thinking: Ok, now we are putting this function in and people will be enjoying it! Sorry, not if it's cumbersome to use.

30th May 2014, 09:09

From what I've read so far, German cars are the worst in electronic device complexity and also the most problematic, and Asian cars are the least. American cars are spread out very widely in the middle and overlap both extremes. I guess the marketing guys are trying for the "Gee, Wow!" effect that works to get people to buy cars, then the buyers get frustrated trying to use the complex controls AFTER it's too late and they've bought it. I believe time will finally cure the automaker marketing-engineering mistakes... eventually.

18th Jul 2014, 17:16

Mushy handling has a lot to do with tire quality.