2012 Honda Jazz ES 1.4


Very good indeed apart from the reservation which I have mentioned


In my period of ownership, the car has behaved faultlessly. There was a dealer call-back to examine the passenger air bag, but that did not reveal anything untoward.

General Comments:

In my opinion, this is a very intelligently designed car. The amount of interior space is considerable. The way in which the rear seats fold when required creates a very large area for carrying such items as a fridge, if the situation warrants it. The controls on the car work very well indeed. The manual gearbox is very slick. Comfort levels, on the whole, are quite good although for some passengers, going over speed-bumps can result in a little discomfort. The reliability of the vehicle is first rate. This was also my experience with a previous Honda Jazz. Only a replacement front light bulb in the latter and nothing in the former.

The single weakness which I would draw the reader's attention to, is the lack of performance on hills. This necessitates a gear change down followed by an interval during which the car struggles somewhat. Providing the owner is not expecting stellar performance, this is a car I would wholeheartedly recommend.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 9th November, 2017