2015 Hyundai Genesis 3.8 V6 petrol


A joy to own and drive. A real head turner


The radio was replaced under warranty. It worked for most features, but a couple of extra features were not working, like the 3D sound for example, and it would not update software.

There was a recall on the rear tyres, so I got a year's free tyre wear :o)

General Comments:

There is too much to comment on so I'll keep this brief. First off, the aesthetics. What a gorgeous looking car. Amongst the overpriced BMs, Mercs and Audis, it looks stunning and stands out from the crowd. The car is rear wheel drive, as all cars should be, and the driving is slick and well balanced. The steering has just the correct weight and feel and adds a confidence to the drive. It uses an electric motor to assist. The brakes are light and very effective, considering it's a 2 ton car. The cornering is flat and assured. The layout of the dash is just great and the radio/nav unit is high on the dash where it should be, and is easy to read and use. A second LCD between the speedo and tacho gauges gives a load of reassuring information regarding the state of the car. There are a load of high tech gizmos that are too many to mention. I will mention the smart cruise which will follow the speed of the car in front right down to stopping. This car scored the highest safety score with a well known test agency that tests all cars and has the highest record score. Don't believe me, then Google. Here in the UK we get just one model that comes fully loaded, and even has extra features not on the USA Ultimate model, like auto parking for example. We also get cameras all around that give a bird's eye view to assist parking or checking proximity with other vehicles. Just amazing, it looks like a view from about 30ft above the car from a drone or something.

This is just an amazing car. I cannot see how it is any worse than BMs and Mercs costing tens of thousands more. Well done Hyundai. This is a manufacturer who will be the world's best soon enough, if not already there. This is my 4th Hyundai over 20 years motoring and they gave a 100% reliability record, even passing the MOT first time every time.

I said I would be brief. Compared to what praises I could be singing, this comment is brief.

I will criticise Hyundai wanting 974 GBP for a replacement alloy wheel (I scraped mine slightly). This is just a rip-off as usually Hyundai have been value for money for servicing in the past. Fortunately I have 5 year's free servicing.

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Review Date: 29th December, 2016

1st Jan 2017, 21:46

Over £50k for a Hyundai - what do you do to keep warm? Burn fivers?