1993 Isuzu Bighorn Lotus 3.1td


Part of the family


Collapsed near side front wheel bearing, which happened to me in the outside lane of the motorway (felt like a blowout without a drop in height). Pulled onto hard shoulder, wheel very hot and melted bearing grease coming through lug nuts, had to replace complete front hub, bearings virtually welded to brake disc. Found a second hand one through www.carsparefinder.co.uk (very good service)

General Comments:

The car is very easy to live with, have towed trailers and caravans with ease, and even pulled the odd tree down with it.

Used daily for last four years, and still feels fresh to drive. A very good family "bus" for the family and dog.

Converted to vegetable oil, which has caused no issues, only plus points :- environment, running costs, quietness.

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Review Date: 3rd July, 2008

1992 Isuzu Bighorn Lotus Handling 3.1td


Solid, reliable, but thirsty


Had the AA out to add a leak sealer to a leaking water pump gasket. Otherwise, just general service/maintenance repairs/tyres.

General Comments:

Excellent for room with 7 comfy seats.

Solid as a rock and very reliable.

This car will go where others can't.

The one and only bad thing is it can drink diesel 18/gal.

Great handling, still like new bodywork, waxoiled.

I'm about to part ex her for a Skoda Octavia 2.0 estate, and I am still having doubts. It's only for the fuel benefits. It's been such a good motor, and I honestly will cry on the day.

Did try bio-diesel, but it's as much as diesel now.

Even the wife doesn't want this car to go.

Last winter I towed a scouts minibus and fully loaded trailer out of the Staffordshire moors in snow - no problems. Great in 4x4 in winter.

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Review Date: 26th July, 2007

22nd Aug 2010, 04:07

Hi Folks, I have similar car, an Isuzu Bighorn 1992. Those who may know the countries, I drove from Dar Es salaam-Tanzania to Bujumbura Burundi, then from Burundi to Arusha via Lake Manyala, and Arusha to Lilongwe Malawi, and Lilongwe to Lusaka Zambia, and back to Dar Es Salaam via Mbeya.

This car could handle all kinds of road conditions, very comfortable, and we had no problem at all. Gas was reasonable for the size of the truck and the loads I had.

6th Sep 2012, 15:03

Hi, I use a 1996 Bighorn in Uganda, and many of the roads are dirt tracks, even in the capital. The car flies over them effortless and handles great in the game drives too! Only problem I feel is when on an expressway, I need to hold the wheel tight as it tends to move sideways when moving along ruts, even if it's not deeper than 3 mm.

23rd Jan 2013, 08:46

I am about to buy it for my off road safaris. I am impressed by your comments.

7th Feb 2013, 02:00

Thanks very much for the nice review. I also live in Uganda and was debating on which car to buy, but I will definitely settle for a Bighorn. Thanks again.

29th Aug 2013, 02:51

Hi there! I really like seeing all these positive comments about this vehicle (the Bighorn). I normally travel from Mwanza to Dar es Salaam via Serengeti as part of it, and since I read your comment, I am going to try it. Thanks!