1994 Isuzu Trooper 3.1 turbo diesel


Very, very reliable; not the most refined, but for the price: excellent


Reconditioned alternator 2 months into ownership.

Replaced front bumper mounting brackets 6 months into ownership (for first MOT).

One new rear shock absorber (for second MOT).

New steering box (breakers yard unit).

Replaced one n/s CV joint gaiter a couple of months back.

General Comments:

Sometimes the things you buy to tide you over turn out to be the best buy in years.

Before this, it was probably my Volvo S70. After a couple of mishaps with Fords, I bought this Trooper to tide myself over for 6 months until I could afford something better, and never was a better tide-me-over bought.

Parkers have described the Trooper as 'old school manners, on the road' and I'm still trying to understand what this exactly means: it handles like a large vehicle without particularly heavy handling, starts first time and stops (happily, first time too).

One of the reasons I bought it was as a tow car, and what an investment that was; when people say 'the car tows like there's nothing on the back' I think this is about as close as it could be. Up the road, onto the motorway, up to 60 into fifth gear, left arm on the armrest (this is the UK guys) and Bob, as they say, is your uncle.

The interior is hugely dated compared to modern standards, the 'extras' buttons all hidden away out of view in the most non-ergonomic fashion and the rear centre armrest designer was on a huge hangover that day. But the vehicle is a tool for a job, and that job is getting from A to B with the minimum of fuss.

And the reliability of the engine is second to none.

Downside? They rot beautifully underneath, along the chassis rear cross member, around the chassis mounting points and the chassis in general. Main thing to check: chassis, chassis.. oh yeah and the chassis.

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Review Date: 18th February, 2010

1994 Isuzu Trooper Duty LWB 3.1 turbo diesel


An extremely reliable, comfortable and spacious vehicle



General Comments:

This is the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned with nothing needing replacing or repairing so far except tyres.

We have three large dogs to ferry around with us, and this vehicle has masses of room for us all to travel in comfort.

It is totally easy to handle despite its size.

Both front and back seats are very comfortable, giving both passengers and driver plenty of room.

The only complaint I would have would be the tyres it came with, which were the originals put on at the manufacturers. These were totally useless in the snow and ice. It was both embarrassing and frustrating when the Trooper performed a lot worse than many of the 2 wheel drive cars. A change of tyres instantly made all the difference and if I were buying a new Trooper I would insist on the dealer changing the tyres before buying.

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Review Date: 31st August, 2001

10th Oct 2002, 04:22

It would be useful to know which tires precisely were changed! In other words: which were the bad ones and which the good ones?

1994 Isuzu Trooper LWB Citation 3.1 turbo diesel


Ilumination on interior switches, front fog light connection, usual minor maintenance. Nothing serious at all.

General Comments:

Huge load capacity. Powerful engine better than other 4x4s. Bags of room and excellent off-road performance. Rather dull interior could do with some new funky designing. Capability understated, tends to get unenthusiastic reviews.

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Review Date: 2nd August, 1998