1992 Lancia Dedra ie 2.0


I'm in love


Nothing that you wouldn't put down to normal wear and tear. This car has never let me down on a journey. The only thing that occasionally caused trouble was a worn hand-brake cable that would seize sometimes in cold weather.

Recently the alloy wheels have begun to leak, requiring regular (daily, some of them) pumping. Refurbishment or replacement appears to be in order.

General Comments:

The Dedra is a beautiful car that is very fast and responsive, sticks to the road like glue, gives a very comfortable ride, has plenty of room and by being so unusual on British roads makes you feel very special.

If I could buy a new one, I would without hesitation. The brand new Alfa I have bought is equally beautiful, handles equally well, but doesn't have the immediate response from the engine I've grown accustomed to with the Dedra.

The Dedra gives me a consistent 30mpg of hard urban driving, fast (85-90mph) motorway driving - it doesn't really seem to matter. The "low fuel" warning light comes on when the tank is half-empty. I fill up when I've done around 330 miles since the last fuel stop. Costs me £45 or so, whatever that equates to at 90p/litre or whatever it is these days.

I've never got to the point where pressing on the accelerator hasn't made the car go faster (up-hill touching 100mph in fifth gear : "Faster?... OK..."). The brakes are quite soft, which is good for the gentle, controlled braking I prefer to use, but bite hard when needed. If you want to go faster or slower, the Dedra does it in just the way you ask.

The Dedra has proved to be an extremely reliable car, that has never broken down on me, but when spares are needed, they're often hard or slow to obtain and expensive to boot. I've been lucky to find a Fiat dealer happy to honour their Lancia service responsibilities (albeit at dealer rates). Other dealers may not be so happy or able to provide the level of service this car deserves.

I can't say how much I love my Dedra, and how sad I'll be to see it go. If it wasn't for the practicalities of keeping it running, I'd be buying the replacement wheels and getting the couple of bodywork blemishes sorted right now. Actually, if I had the drive-way space, I'd probably be doing it anyway.

Unlike the famous, rally winning, Delta, Dedras change hand for very modest sums these days. If you get the chance, buy one. Even if the MOT only lasts a few months, it will be the most enjoyable and exciting months driving you ever have.

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Review Date: 4th July, 2006

1990 Lancia Dedra I.E 1.6i


Heavenly dream that should be left to pass away!


Indicator fell off.

Number plate shattered into a million pieces over time.

Car idols at 2000 rpm.

Aerial went up and fell out.

Seals blew which I still haven't replaced.

Sunroof leaks.

Alternator & starter motor blew together at 58500 miles, which cost me an arm and a leg.

Battery fades quick with one sub and amp on.

Rattles from all over the car, can't find where though!

Air pipes worn and caught light at 60000 miles.

Drivers door and wing is now wrecked as a kind man hit me on a roundabout and drove off!

Heater only blows out really hot air.

New wiper blades, the first new pair it has ever seen.

General Comments:

No dealers to be seen for a couple of 1,000,000 miles away in italy.

Lovely car if only I could get the parts to fix it.

Drives like a dream, when there is not any smoke coming from the engine bay.

Fast and good for over taking.

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Review Date: 17th September, 2004

1992 Lancia Dedra 2000 Turbo 2.0 turbo


An unknown high perfomance car with brilliant ability at a low price


At 80,000 miles replaced radiator.

At 90,000 miles replaced turbo, three bent valves and engine reground.

Oil leaked into the distributor at 100,000 miles, replaced.

General Comments:

This car is fast (only the engine pitch gives away its ability), Cruises at high speed with little engine or road noise.

Handles extremely well can be pushed hard without any problem.

Well laid out interior, comfortable Alacantara seats and climate control ensure a pleasurable drive.

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Review Date: 15th July, 2001

1992 Lancia Dedra i.e. 1.6


Reliable, comfortable motorway cruiser


Master clutch cylinder @ 125k miles.

Heater matrix @ 127k miles.

Ball joint @ 127k miles.

General Comments:

Most underrated car for price available in the UK!

Deceptively quick with hi-torque.

Good fuel consumption for body size and performance.

More comfortable and quieter than most brand new cars today (despite the mileage).

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Review Date: 23rd March, 2001