2001 Lexus LS 430 4.3L V8


Watch out Mercedes!!


Key-less entry card system became erratic at 8000 miles, sometimes car wouldn't open, card was replaced and all is perfect now.

General Comments:

I purchased this car from Lexus Coventry in July 2002 after selling my Volkswagen, which I think was a lemon, as it didn't have the so called Volkswagen longevity and reliability.

It is my third and favorite car. It is in a nice Amberly Gold color with Suffolk (beige) leather and when coupled with the 17 inch alloys, it looks sensational; the only luxury car that looks better in my opinion is the BMW 7-Series.

The 4.3 liter V8 has exceptional performance and I feel a great sense of satisfaction when I obliterate the boy racers souped up Corsas and Saxos at the traffic lights. The steering is accurate and gives a good amount of feedback. It even attains good acceleration when the wife and 2 kids are in the back and the boot is fully loaded.

The interior is almost perfection in itself. The seats are the most comfortable I have sat in; the buttery soft and smooth beige leather even topping the seats of my friend's Mercedes S500, which in my opinion are slightly too hard for my liking. In the winter, when I used the heated seats, my backside was warm in a couple of minutes. I recently had to travel 450 miles and I felt relaxed when I stepped out the car. The interior has a nice walnut wood trim which adds to the ambiance of the car. The satellite navigation is easy to use, responding to a very slight change of direction even on the windiest of roads.

The dealers are also very helpful; I recently took it in for a routine service and they were very pleasant and friendly.

Petrol consumption is OK, with an average of 24 miles per gallon, in heavy traffic it can go down to 17mpg.

All in all, Lexus could become a very real threat to Mercedes and BMW in the luxury car market and I definitely would buy a Lexus again!

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Review Date: 5th August, 2003

11th Aug 2003, 16:14

I believe you have written a good review on the Ls430. I have a 0252 LS430 with 5000 miles on the clock and it has given me nothing but pleasure. But I disagree with your comment on the S500's seats being hard, I believe they were as comfortable as the Lexus' seats.

8th Nov 2003, 06:57

Not only is this car one of the best looking on the market today, compared with its German rivals, it is also considerably safer than any Mercedes S-Class or BMW 7-Series. Added features such as etched windows and VIN codes make this almost the hardest car on the market to break into and drive away these days. And of course, the engine is so quiet that you can't hear it from inside the car, even when it's running. Lexus have certainly produced a fine machine in this vehicle. Enjoy years of trouble-free motoring!

21st Nov 2003, 11:26

I totally agree with these reviews, I mean Mercedes and BMW should seriously do something about their cars ESPECIALLY BMW because lexus looks better, more powerful, more car for the buck, more comfortable etc...


BTW, New Mercedes seats are hard and lead too bad quality however a lot of room is what makes it comfortable. When it comes to Mercedes OLD IS GOLD!!!

I am thinking of a 98-00 LS400 please send me your comments:

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Thank you.