1975 Mazda 1300 Estate 1.3 OHC (1.3)


A cheap first car runabout


The piston rings wore out at 80,000 miles so I had to rebuild the engine with oil control rings and new big ends.

The bodywork became increasingly rusty until it could no longer be welded.

General Comments:

The performance was good after the engine rebuild.

Running costs were low due to good fuel economy, being able to use 2 star/unleaded petrol, and cheap insurance.

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Review Date: 21st September, 2002

24th Oct 2014, 21:51

My Dad had one of these - a revelation after years of 70's British cars unreliability - 2 star fuel - started first hit every morning - it was rusty when he got it, but it never seemed to progress to terminal rust - went well enough and was a hatchback - novel after the old 60's designed saloons he was used to.

He gave it to my little sister and the clutch went after a starship mileage - her boyfriend pulled it to bits and never put it back together again.

Dad never forgave him!!!