1989 Mercedes-Benz G-Class 230GE 2.3 petrol


Classic military truck with a Mercedes automatic calm drive


Just bought it. It drives fine.

Minor cosmetic rust at the far ends... normal for a 29 year old vehicle.

Damp carpets - there is a leak somewhere. Not my problem since the car will be in dry garages for the next 6 years - and will be driven on dry days.

General Comments:

Refined for an army truck.

Smooth automatic gearbox with good pick-up from a standstill and a lack of pace above 60mph.

Drives straight even on big gum-ball tyres (General Grabber AT).

So much nicer than a LR Defender to drive - and it's automatic!

My reason for purchase is as a shopping trolley for 18 year old learner driver with a grandparent supervising in the passenger seat.

Insurance rating is very low. The basic insurance is UKP128 if you have a locked garage and low mileage. Learner driving insurance is affordable.

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Review Date: 18th March, 2017

1991 Mercedes-Benz G-Class W463 300GD 3.0 diesel


Best out of all 4x4s


The G-WAGON is the best car I have ever driven. None of new cars can be compared with it. Just the few things that I would like to say went wrong:

1. Seats wear very badly. The car has 60.000 miles on the clock, and the driver's seat is worn (has been driven to Lithuania for new leather interior job, all seats, armrests, and the door panels cost 550 euro with good natural leather, and best job you can imagine).

2. Brake cylinder had to be changed (50 euro).

3. Hand brake cable has been changed at the cost of (100 euro). I caused that fault, by trying to adjust the hand brake.

4. Steering wheel was loose. No need of any expensive steering rack reconditioning, or a new steering rack, just needed to be adjusted, 3 minutes job. Cost nothing.

5. Change all bushings (400 euro).

6. Had to change a window regulator, which was a overpriced (800 euro for new, from a Mercedes dealer, so I tried to fix it myself, only few washers did the great job, and saved me a fortune).

7. And also I changed glow plugs (30 euro), all the oil filters, things you normally do for the car, none of those things cost any more than for any other 4x4.

General Comments:

This car is real boy's toy. And at the moment, I have bought a second one. So if you not strong enough for addictions, and planning to buy one of them, likely you will get one more addiction

As I say, it is real boy's toy, it drives everywhere you would not take a risk to drive with most of 4x4s. My G Wagon last summer did the big trip around Europe, 13 countries were visited, and it went through rivers, fluted areas, forests, mud, and mountains, nothing stopped it, had no problems with the car at all.

So it's extremely reliable, average fuel consumption for the whole trip was 10L for 100km, which was shocking; I was expecting to use way more fuel. I think it's very good for the size of the car

The car is made for driving, it's comfortable, has all electric toys: windows, mirrors, sun roof central locking, like the most of new cars. A lot of space inside, panoramic windows... you do not expect that even from Mercedes

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Review Date: 6th September, 2010

1988 Mercedes-Benz G-Class 300GD 3.0 turbo diesel


A car you can put in your will


Front seats do not wear well.

Starter motor needed to be replaced at 110000 miles, £500.00 from the dealer.

Top speed is 60mph, downhill it is 70mph.

Glow plugs are 9 volt ones not 0.9 volts, found this out after blowing out £100.00 worth of plugs from the Mercedes dealer.

Heaters need looking at. They blow hot on a hot day.

General Comments:

Drives like a tank.

Feels like a tank.

The security is the greatest compared to any road going vehicle.

The best vehicle I have ever driven.


I would recommend this vehicle to anyone who drives a multi-personnel vehicle or four wheel drive.

It has great road presence.

Engine sound is excellent.

I am saving up to get a newer version.

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Review Date: 2nd June, 2003

26th Mar 2004, 13:25

I can't believe some of these comments. I have a 1986 230GE, it is most definitely not slow! With 125 BHP on tap, its acceleration is most respectable for a 2.5 ton vehicle, and it is easily capable of just under the ton.

With Michelin all terrains on, it handles very well. Even off road with front and rear diff-locks on, this will still go through very deep mud.

Its only drawback is fuel consumption, but no other 4x4 is any different if it's good. There are also some rumours about the cost of spares, which are totally untrue, I have bought some major items for very little money.

I'm afraid that £500 for your starter motor is crazy money, the starter from a 308D van is supposed to be the same, reconditioned starter motors can be obtained through many Motor Factors. I strongly suggest you join the G Wagen owners club http://gwoa.co.uk and save yourself a fortune, both in spares and sound advice in a friendly environment.