1978 Mercedes-Benz W107 450 SLC 4.5


Style-Pace-Grace (The best kept classic car secret)


Breaks needed an overhaul.

Fuel accumulator needed replacing.

General Comments:

Very cheap overlooked classic car that sends out a message of style without making you feel like a pretentious prat.

The car has been significantly over engineered by Mercedes, which is great for classic car buyers, as you can now reap the rewards 30 years later on.

The 450SLC does not have the same amount of headaches associated with other makes of classic cars, as all parts are easily still available off the shelf from Mercedes or second hand.

I live in the city, this car is perfect and sits in traffic with no problems. However, when I go away for the weekend on the motorway, it flies. It's as quick as any modern 2 liter turbo from 50-100 miles per hour. It's even quick off the line if you drop the auto box into first and go through the gears.

The car has a good size boot, and you can fit two full size adults in the back.

The 450SLC has as standard air con, cruise control, power steering, all round electric windows, and guess what, they all still work!

This car was designed 20 years ahead of its time. You could have purchase a very large house in London for the same price when it was new. This is my every day practical car that starts first time, and gives me less trouble than my wife; I can't recommend it enough.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 9th July, 2010