F MPi 1.8

You can't drive on wishes

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F VVC 1.8i

Fun, gorgeous, pokey cheap sports car!

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F 1.8VVC 1.8VVC

A great, cheap, classic British sports car with a great heritage

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F 1.8

Avoid an MGF at all costs

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F VVC 1.8

Whenever I see one now I can't stop laughing

243 words, 18 comments

F VVC 1.8i VVC

Great fun, great looks, built to budget and noisy

224 words

F 1.8i

Great fun, great ride, great handling even for a hairdressers car

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F VVC 1.8 petrol

It's a girl's car

149 words, 5 comments

F VVC 1.8vvc

Mid-engined grins...

63 words

F VVC 1.8i petrol

75 words

F VVC 1.8 petrol

28 words, 4 comments

F 1.8i petrol

80 words