2004 MG ZT-T + 2.0 CDTI turbo diesel


Looks, handling, build quality, what else do you need except maybe another one in a different colour


Clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder.

Rear wiper not completing a full wipe.

Headlight washers stopped working.

Handbrake not very good.

Snapped rear springs.

General Comments:

This car is totally under valued. Those who know, know how good it is, others just won't appreciate it until they have been in one. Yes you get the ooh nice Rover (snigger, snigger) remarks, but only from the un-educated.

It may well be a Rover with a bodykit, but even the Rover is a good car, but suffers from badge snobs.

Performance as standard is a little slow as this was a 115 BHP, but through the 75 and ZT owner's club it has received the X Power upgrade so now has 160 BHP and the 320 owners now have to move out of my way.

Handling is amazing for a car this big; yes it can be firm, but it is supposed to be sporty; want comfort then get the Rover.

Build quality is superb; you can tell BMW had the money. Equipment levels vary between cars; some had lots of equipment, some didn't.

Mine has cruise control, rain sensing wipers, climate control, 4x electric windows, heated electric mirrors, electric sunroof, headlight washers, and projector headlights to name a few.

The colours of the MGs are better than anything else offered by other manufacturers, and one of the hardest decisions is choosing the colour as they all look so good.

Check for clutch problems as the master cylinder on top of the pedal can leak as it's plastic, but for about £100 can be replaced with a metal one through the club; fitting is straightforward, but fiddly due to its location; also if it needs a new clutch, change the slave cylinder as well.

The handbrake as renowned for being poor, but again it's a simple fix by fitting a new adjuster.

I fixed all my problems myself except the clutch change.

Rear wiper just needed the rear window adjusting.

Headlight washers just needed cleaning.

Rear springs were a simple job - just 3 bolts to undo, not including the wheel ones :-)

However due to the build quality it can sometimes take longer to fix things than on other cheaper simpler cars.

Check the plenum where the ECU sits for water; there is a drain plug, but it sometimes gets blocked.

Otherwise take one for a drive and you will want one. Just give it a chance.

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Review Date: 2nd April, 2017

2003 MG ZT-T 120 1.8L NA


Huge fun but undervalued family sports estate


Head gasket failure at 45,000.

Front O/S wheel bearing at 56,000.

Rear trailing link bushes at 58,000.

Liner register seal failure at 76,000.

General Comments:

Strong, solid car which can boast one of the highest lateral g-forces of many "family estates". The handling is amazing - have great fun on local clover-leafs eating up overpriced German rivals.

Superb fun to drive and swallows up luggage.

Useful, strong roof-rails, properly secured to body.

BMW-inspired lifting glass on hatch is very useful.

A physically big car with a small engine - regret not having a turbo, so only 33 to a gallon at best. Does prefer Total fuels.

Quality supportive seats and trim which is easy to clean;

Well-considered load space with quality "D"-rings and good stowage space - well-engineered combined dog-guard and load-space cover.

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Review Date: 5th August, 2014

2002 MG ZT-T + 2.5 V6 (160)


Top quality, you will enjoy it if you give it a try


Nothing yet.

General Comments:

I upgraded from an MG ZR to the ZT-T due to a third child, and must admit it is a fantastic car.

Looks superb, and is very quiet and comfortable on motorway.

Handling is good for such a large car, but you do feel some of the bumps due to the sporty suspension.

I am quite happy with a return of between 30 - 35 mpg (motorway), considering it's a V6, but it could do with a bit more power. It will cruise along quite nicely along the motorway, but when you want a bit more speed to overtake, it takes a short while to give you the speed, or at least that's how it feels as it is very easy to forget how fast you are traveling, due to the smoothness and lack of any wind noise, even at 70mph.

Since I bought my ZT-T, I have installed the trip computer and had to visit the dealer to get it programmed to the car. Dealer was very helpful, but this has been my only dealing with them.

I have also fitted rear parking sensors; due to the length of the car, these have been very handy.

Parts are mostly available except for some bits of trim, but servicing parts are available.

I would also recommend joining the 75 & ZT owners forum, as you will find out loads of information on this great car.

Bad things about the car.

The A & B pillars are large and easily hide other cars, people etc.

It does not always fit length ways in car park spaces, however this can be a good thing, because you can see your car poking out from a distance.

It is a big car, and some repairs will be expensive, however that's the price you pay for a luxury car and it is luxury. However you will also pay these bills for a BMW, Merc, Jag, and the ZT-T is in the same class, it just never got the praise it deserves.

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Review Date: 28th January, 2011