1990 Mitsubishi Chariot GLX 1.8


Best car ever


Drive shaft had to be replaced because of dodgy Mitsubishi registered mechanics.

CV joint destroyed because of the same mechanics.

CV boots replaced due to wear and tear.

Front suspension struts replaced due to mechanic putting on warped tyres. Over time the shake wore out the suspension struts and CV joints.

The Mitsubishi registered mechanic broke the splines of the drive shaft, and knowingly fitted a new CV joint, destroying that as well..

General Comments:

I admittedly got two very bad services on this car. I had a Mitsubishi Spacewagon manual petrol.

When I eventually changed mechanics, I spent a little time and money on the car, and it turned out to be the best car I ever owned. It being an import in Ireland, it was a nightmare on parts. Mitsubishi like to rub it in when ordering parts; they don't like dealing with Japanese imported cars.

I drove this car in all kinds of conditions, and practically lived in this car due to the job I was in at the time. It started on the button every time; it just wanted to start. Yes, it did need regular servicing, but it got me there when bigger more expensive cars hadn't a breeze of a chance. I wish I still had it; I miss it everyday.

If you ever get the chance to own one, don't hesitate. They look like the styling was an after thought, they are not that pretty, but god they have everything. The more modern Mitsubishi Spacewagons look good, but they are way too expensive to run; the older ones were the best! They are not sports cars, so yes they do float around corners a bit, and the brakes are not very effective, and will not stop you on a dime.

The seats in the front have not got a lot of leg room, that is true, but you can arch the chair to compensate. There is ample space in the back seats, the boot is not huge when the rear seats are in use, but all people carriers are like that!

It's a one of a kind car to own, and I loved it while I owned it. Best car ever!

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Review Date: 17th May, 2012

1999 Mitsubishi Chariot Grandis Super Exceed 2.4 petrol


Excellent reliable workhorse


The only thing that has ever gone wrong with this car is the battery gave up one morning.

There is a bit of brake shudder at over 50 mph, but I can live with that as it still brakes well.

General Comments:

This is an imported car from Japan, a six seat-er automatic, each seat offering armchair like comfort.

It's very easy to drive, and has good visibility and enough power to transport 6 people around.

The rear set of seats can be removed from the car, and middle row can be folded, leaving a lot of room for transporting larger objects.

Fuel can be guzzled if you drive fast when loaded, but this is to be expected.

Has lots of nice features on it (computer, electric folding mirrors, electric windows, CD changer, smoked glass , air con for front and back of car), which means excellent value for money when comparing against UK spec Chariots (Spacewagons).

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Review Date: 11th February, 2008