1990 Mitsubishi Galant Glsi


A slow, thirsty car with weak gearbox


Alternator failed although it had been replaced 14000 miles before.

Reconditioned auto gearbox failed and car had to be scrapped. It had only covered 20000 with the reconditioned unit.

General Comments:

Previous owner had spent a fortune on repairing this car including a £1270 automatic gearbox + torque converter reconditioning. When purchased it run superb in terms of comfort and handling. However, this auto version is a very slow car to the extent that you think you are driving a 1.6 or even a 1.4 car, not a 2.0ltr.

Overtaking was always tricky business since it took for ever to pick up speed and you had to have a lot of road in order to overtake safely. To add to that the consumption was excessive, around 20mpg overall I believe.

At cruising speed was very comfortable though with all the toys (electric windows, heated mirrors, electric sunroof, cruise control etc.).

Overall I would say that this car has a weak point and this is the auto gearbox. Many of them get scrapped because of that reason since it is uneconomical to repair.

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Review Date: 20th March, 2006

1990 Mitsubishi Galant GLS 1.8


Fantastic family car


Nothing I can remember.

Very reliable car. And thats' the gods honest truth!

NOTHING went wrong with it!

General Comments:

Father bought the car brand new.

Travelled back and forth from Germany to Scotland 4 or 5 times. Which explains the high mileage.

This car was a dream to drive. And heaven to be a passenger in.

Even at this base level of GLS the car had every extra.

Electric everything.

Very comfortable for those long drives, the arm rest in the back seat was a nice touch.

The reason we don't have it now? Well despite its good handling, excellent fuel economy and luxurious spaciousness, it didn't tackle a Ford Transit very well. Darn mother!

If you are thinking of getting one, DO SO! Even a G registration, they're great. No complaints here!

My dream car!

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Review Date: 15th April, 2001

7th Nov 2005, 11:08

I quite agree that the car has a major merit of roominess and economy. However, it is pertinent to mention that the body of the car is not strong, making it unattractive to auto users.

Notwithstanding, i would like to credit the car for unbeatable interior, highly effective air-conditioning and general elegance.