2005 Mitsubishi Lancer Equipe 1.6 petrol


A practical car for practical people


Nothing so far and I confidently expect that to remain so.

General Comments:

In the UK, new or used this car is seriously cheap, We paid £5000 for a two year vehicle with a years manufacturers warranty remaining. This was around £2.5K cheaper than either of the Focus/Astra Estate competition. Whilst its performance and economy are on a par with those two, the dull fascia design with its fiddly radio/CD controls is well behind the times. Paintwork, panel fit and the rest of the interior are all of a very good standard.

Initially the steering feels disconcertingly light in slow corners, belying the amount of grip on offer, but is otherwise good and commendably light for parking. The ride is supple on bumpy country roads and the handling reassuring. The exceptionally smooth 1.6 engine gets raucous at the upper end of its rev-range, but is only noticeable for a few seconds when overtaking. Likewise cruising can get noisy much beyond 80mph which seems a natural cruising gait as it corresponds to peak torque and will return over 40MPG. Equipment is includes 3x3 point rear belts, Air con' fog-lights ABS and EBD heated mirrors a full size spare and alloys wheels (which I would happily fore-sake for a pair of headlamps washers). Whilst passenger space is good the class, the boot floort is high and the rear seat only folds flat instead of double folding. Most competitor's have substantially bigger boots even allowing for the extra 40 litres found in hidden compartments to the side and floor of the compartment.

In summary then, not the cutting edge of its class, but substantially cheaper, and from a maker with great reputation for reliability, which to me is worth a lot more than a flashy fascia.

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Review Date: 12th March, 2008