2015 Mitsubishi Outlander GLX PHEV 2 litre petrol electric hybrid


Nice features, but far too high a level of complexity in basic vehicle functions

General Comments:

This was a hire car for a day trip of 375 miles. The vehicle was new with only 15 miles on the clock when delivered.

The drivers position is roomy with electric adjustment. The passenger side less so with manual adjustment.

The (drive) battery was flat when it was delivered and failed to charge for the whole trip. I realise now that I should have pressed the charge button.

The manual was poor, with an attempt to cover all models, but not giving enough detail on any of them. This was especially relevant with regard to starting/selecting Drive or Reverse. If often failed to go into gear, instead responding with a frustrating series of beeps, the cause of which was unknown. At other times the gears could be selected without any difficulty. Some considerable time was spent sitting stationary, half in a parking bay, trying to get it to move.

At speed, acceleration was modest but quite responsive. However, moving off from a standing start required a surprising degree of throttle application, with the rate of acceleration being disappointingly slow.

It had a sat nav, cruise control and a reversing camera. I didn't use the sat nav, but the cruise control worked well and the camera was handy.

Ride quality was generally good, but noisy on concrete highways.

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Review Date: 20th April, 2015

27th Jun 2015, 22:30

All in all, a day trip seems insufficient to provide a sound review. Especially when not able to figure out how the systems work...