2001 Mitsubishi Pickup Similar to UK 4Life spec 2.5 litre TDI four-cylinder-in


The best European-market pick-up


Intermittent knocking from rear axle when wet.

Sticking rear electric windows.

Badly corroding alloy wheels.

General Comments:

This is a very good off roader, as various tortuous trips in to the wilderness have proven. Though the front torsion bar wishbone suspension limits front ground clearance a tad. Approach angle is excellent, but the rear overhang shatters any dreams you had of negotiating that 45 degree slope. The Bridgestone "H/T" tyres won't let you exploit the full off-road potential of the truck, but they're due for replacement once they wear out.

On-road handling is acceptable, but the rear leaf sprung axle does shimmy over undulations. When in four-wheel-drive (in the snow - as it has no central differential, you can only use four-wheel-drive in slippy conditions) understeer is predominant, but should you be crazy enough, you can provoke it to fishtail in the wet (in 2H).

Cabin space isn't too bad, however the rear bench is mounted too highly, and can provoke sickness among the poor rear passengers. The dashboard is a lugubrious affair, typical late-1980s Japanese. The cabin, surprisingly for a commercial vehicle doesn't withstand the abuse of three children, with poor quality materials as the scratches and soft drink stains will testify. Engine noise suppression is quite poor, but you can still hold a conversation at 80 MPH. The original four-speaker stereo system is excellent, though probably to dampen the thrum from the diesel engine at full chatter. The specification is quite good, with air-con, all-round electric windows, electric mirrors and twin-airbags. But when compared to modern hatchbacks, it's nothing special.

I tried to get it serviced at my local Mitsubishi dealer, but they argued, that because it was an import from Cyprus, that their company policy didn't allow it to be serviced there. So.. despite the fact they're all built at the same factory, with the same specification, it's still a resounding "no".

This is a great utility vehicle, fun to drive in a shambling kind of way, but if you don't need the pick-up bed you're probably better off with the similar estate-bodied coil-sprung Shogun Sport.

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Review Date: 21st June, 2002

10th Dec 2003, 14:54

I agree with the above comments, but if you don't need the practicality of a pick-up there isn't much point in choosing it over the equivalent Shogun Sport unless you're VAT registered.

Plus why can't Mitsubishi be radical and use coil springs at the rear axle rather than the stone-age leaf springs? It'd be relatively easy to do since the L200 is basically based on the coil-sprung Shogun Mk2. Land Rover gets away with it in its High-Capacity (coil-sprung) vehicles, which are the top commercial 4x4s for load capacity.