2005 Nissan 350Z 35th Anniversary (Ltd Ed.) 3.5 litre petrol V6


A fun car for the weekends


Nothing major, but keeps picking up small stones and gravel in the under car tray, which needs to be cleared at service.

General Comments:

It is a quick car that is a lot of fun.

The 35th Anniversary is based on the Track, so comes with the Brembos etc as standard, but also has a little more power and a 7 speaker Bose system.

On the downside, the boot is impractical because of the strut brace.

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Review Date: 1st June, 2008

2004 Nissan 350Z GT 3.5 LITRE V6


A bit of a beast



General Comments:

This is a seriously fast car - 3.5 litres V6 and 276 bhp. O-60 in under 6 seconds. All for 25 grand.

You can see the specification details in the manufacturers brochure - what I want to pass on is the driving experience. This is a low car - but once you're in (getting out is harder!) the electronically controlled leather seats are superb and the driving position excellent - although no rake in the steering wheel.

Once in situ you'll need to depress the clutch to start and then listen for the lovely rumble of the V6. Amazingly this is a very easy car to drive. Okay the clutch and steering may feel a little heavy (no surprise given the size of the tyres!) but this car will happily pull away in second and cruise around town... but out on the open road it's a beast!

Superb handling/roadholding and in the wet the rear wheel drive is tempered by all sorts of electronic stabilizers (of course you can switch these off!).That said pushing the car hard around corners in the wet can be a little scary - in the dry it's grip is awesome. The suspension is hard, but again not uncomfortably so.

The torque is incredible and 3rd gear sees you happily past the legal limit. At the same time it will idle along at 60 in sixth and return 35 mpg on a quiet run.

All in all this is an awesome car for the money.

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Review Date: 8th November, 2004

11th Nov 2004, 05:31

Do all the 350z's twin turbo' or did they break away from turbo and naturally aspirating the z's stock? Also wondering how this car compared to the vr4.

17th Dec 2004, 06:41

In response to the above.

The 350Z is NOT turbocharged, it is naturally aspirated.

The differences between the 350Z and the VR4 are comprehensive and comparison is meaningless.

The VR4 has a twin turbo 3.0 Litre V6 with 4 wheel drive and is much larger, heavier and older than the new 350Z which is rear-wheel-drive and naturally aspirated.

Whilst power figures are admittedly similar the 350Z is almost certainly faster due to being smaller and with an additional 10 years of chassis knowledge behind it.

I love the new 350Z and for the money it is a steal. Maybe my next car...