2006 Nissan Almera dCi 2.2 turbo diesel


Very good motorway cruiser


Turbo blown due to faulty actuator. Subject to a recall. Turbo is liable to over boosting. Main dealer should change.

General Comments:

Fast car in straight line. Doesn't handle like its Golf equivalent.

Torque steer big issue, especially in the wet.

Liable to under steer under heavy acceleration.

Liable to over steer on sharp cornering in wet.

Massive flat spot in performance from 3k RPM.

6 speed transmission adds to the fuel economy.

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Review Date: 17th May, 2009

2006 Nissan Almera SVE 1.5


Very good, but not brilliant


Nothing has gone, but the fuel consumption is awful as I am only at the moment averaging 24mpg. Hopefully as the engine loosens up it will improve.

General Comments:

Great car very comfortable, but there are 2 things I do not like as mentioned the fuel consumption is appaling at present and although I am 5'7 the seating position is much to low.

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Review Date: 1st May, 2006