1972 Nova Kit Car 1.6 twin carb


The ultimate seventies kit car


The engine was replaced due to vandalism. Sand was poured into the fuel tank.

Speedometer cable snapped.

General Comments:

The car was very quick and handled very well.

My car was factory built (number 12), but they can also be kit built.

My car was fitted with a remote control electric hydraulic canopy.

Near horizontal seating position.

No luggage or boot space.

Real eye catcher and a great posing car.

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Review Date: 26th May, 2003

31st Jul 2006, 06:31

Just a thought, how would you get out if the car ended up on its roof?

30th Aug 2006, 15:54

The hydraulic gas rams that operate the canopy are strong enough to lift the Nova if it should ever happen to be the wrong way up!