1999 Opel Tigra 1.4 petrol


Not a family car, however despite its hairdresser reputation, it is a solid model


A loud noise in engine as soon as it is started; need to get it fixed. Possible water pump or power steering issue.

Minor issues regarding electrics such as the sunroof and side window going down when boot is opened, but it is nearly 20 years old, so things like this are expected as with all older cars.

General Comments:

For its age (nearly 18 years) it is still a great looking car (was told it does look like a UFO from the side though LOL). It has a very solid feel to it and I haven't noticed any rust, which is rare, however the interior is fairly boxy and the seats are not comfortable. I'm only 5'2", yet I tend to bash my head off the ceiling and cannot see the bonnet, so have to judge distance when parking.

It is really only a 2 seater, definitely not a family car. I bought the car for €500 with tax and NCT, and while there are small electrical issues (the sunroof, passenger window goes down halfway when I open the boot and goes back up when the boot is closed... weird) and the engine needs to be looked at, I have a fondness for the car. Plus the 99 model is rare now, so it does get looks when driving on the roads.

Between my previous Ford Puma and the Tigra, I do find the Tigra more safe to drive, although less powerful than the Puma and not as comfortable, but it is a fun car, and if you can find one in good condition these days, then do consider buying one because despite its girlish looks, it is a reliable motor.

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Review Date: 30th October, 2016

23rd Jan 2017, 19:34

The passenger window is meant to go down and come up when you close the rear hatch - to prevent too much pressure on your ears. Strange but true.

1999 Opel Tigra coupe 1.4L petrol


Nice machine, the one I wanted for sure


Since I've had it the following things have gone wrong; heater radiator developed a hole, leaked all over the interior, very expensive to replace & clean.

Engine radiator and thermostat had to be replaced. had to replace the exhaust from the manifold.

Replaced the headlights as the standard lights weren't up to the job, not near bright enough.

General Comments:

Interior, dated by todays standards, driving position is fully adjustable with good visibility and reasonably good comfort. Don't even think about taking passengers in the back, people always hit their heads when they get into the back. Not designed for the very tall driver.

Exterior, looks amazing and still gets looks even though it's years old, very easy to make it look as good as any new car out these days.

Performance & handling OK I guess, this is my first car, there's plenty of speed under the bonnet, but it takes a while to get up to speed, not much feel from the brakes compared to other cars. Car has a tendency to rise on the inside back wheel when going around corners quickly. Beware of speed-bumps and potholes, I feel every knock in the road in mine.

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Review Date: 11th October, 2006

1995 Opel Tigra 1.6 1.6


Like playing Russian roulette with repairs


Cam belt tensioner failed at 30,000 miles, new engine fitted for free by Opel.

Differential bearings failed at 45,000, I fitted a secondhand gearbox from a Corsa GSi.

AGR valve for emission control is sticking, replaced with a new one.

ABS light stays on, but do not know the cause.

General Comments:

Like most people I love the car despite its faults.

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Review Date: 13th January, 2001

1997 Opel Tigra XE 1.4 16v petrol


Condensation in headlamps. 3 sets of replacements didn't cure the problem. All replacements under warranty.

Headlamp leveller motor replaced.

Oil pump gasket and pump replaced outside of warranty. Water pump replaced, outside of warranty.

Cam belt replaced, as above.

Paint chipping badly.

Latest (15/03/99), cold start problems, due back to dealer later this week.

General Comments:

I actually like this car, the look, the way it handles, the economy. It is however a flawed gem, and all the kings' horses and men can't seem to fix it satisfactorily.

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Review Date: 21st March, 1999