2006 Peugeot 107 Urban 1.0


Good car, needs better seats, as they don't hold you in... at all


Not much really, just a few rattles coming from the rear seatbelt mounts, and it needed a new water door seal on the driver's side. All fixed under warranty.

General Comments:

Great car to drive. Would have been the best car I had driven if the seats just held you in a bit more, and it had handles for passengers to hold when going round sharp corners.

Very nippy, not great on the motorway though as it feels a bit nervous and can really suffer when there's a slight breeze. Good thing this car was made by Toyota, so it should be reliable, unlike most Peugeots. I would have got an Aygo, but they were an extra 800 premium.

Mine did not come with a glove box, which was really silly, so I got the dealer to put one in. Gotta keep CDs out of display.

Fuel, errm OK I guess, nothing to shout about. 40 MPG around town, or about 200 miles to £20 pounds at 87.9p a litre, that works out about right I think.

Insurance group 1, but with a clean licence at 21, I'm still paying £850 a year, now to be 1300 with adding my 19 year old girlfriend (a new driver) to it. Not that cheap unless you're over 25 or very lucky. I searched every website, and that's the cheapest around for me.

Crash test is fairly good. 4 star NCAP rating is good ABS, EFBD and CSC all comes as standard, as does 4 airbags, front passenger and side.

Pratical - good for just me, my girlfriend and mates in it time after time. Gets tiring as you have to re-adjust the whole seat forward and angle every time you let some one in and out of the back. Get a 5 door if you have friends.

Just one more comment, that's my right leg, owww, it hurts after a while because my knee rests on the heat selector, and where it's a bit pointy it hurts my leg.

If you want this car, get an Aygo; same car, looks a bit better and Toyota will treat you with some respect, unlike Peugeot who treat you bad from the day you leave the showroom.

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Review Date: 4th March, 2009

6th Mar 2009, 19:00

I agree Peugeot treat the customers like trash. It's a nice car, mine has done 36000, and now it's getting tired and a bit rattly.

I also went to Toyota. They wanted an extra 1000 for a similar spec 107. Why though, I got a years warranty when I got mine, but think you do from them with any car.

I had a 206, which was a horrible car, so so so cheap quality. When I bought it, I test drove this car before I knew about Toyota. I wondered why it felt stiff, solid and refined, that's not like a Peugeot LOL. That's when I found out Toyota made it, that's when I looked for Toyota Aygo.

The car is good to drive, but I also agree the seats do not hold you in at all. Shame, and my knee rests on the heat adjuster, and it hurts and there is nowhere to rest your right left, it has to go there really.

Much better than the Fox in every way, don't get that one, noooo way.

Good car, but if they spent just a little more money on the seats, it would have been as fun to drive as my old Ka.

2008 Peugeot 107 Urban Lite 1.0


Love it!



General Comments:

Bought my Laser Red 107 Urban-Lite new in 2008 to replace a Skoda Fabia VRS.

Decided that although desirable, 5 doors and black paint were unnecessary for my purposes, and kind of defeated my objective in buying a really basic cheap car in the first place.

What clinched it for me was the fuel consumption that makes the Ka and even the Panda look like gas guzzlers. £20 road tax when I have to renew it in 2009 can't be argued with either.

The Urban-Lite appealed to me, as I don't regard electric windows and central locking as essentials, and if I needed these, I'd probably have been in the market for a larger family car and wouldn't have considered a 107 anyway.

I travel 20k miles pa - usually solo or with one passenger, and this car does fine. I always return 60+ mpg and the dreaded cross-winds that some complain about are no different to any other small car.

Being a 34 year old professional guy, this car takes me back to when I was 17 and driving similarly basic motors. Some people might be embarassed by it as it ain't the most masculine car in the world, but I couldn't care less. I haven't had any Postman Pat jokes yet, my colleagues don't request a balaclava when sitting in the passenger seat, loads of people want to look at it and sit in it to see what it's like, and another colleague has just ordered the same car (Toyota version) having been in mine.

It is just as much fun to drive as my former Fabia VRS, but the fun happens at lower speeds so I don't have to worry about my licence either! Best of all, it costs peanuts to run, leaving me more money for holidays and my motorbike.

It has reminded me and made me appreciate that cheap basic motoring can be just as enjoyable as driving much more expensive and sportier cars.

The performance is as expected from a 1 litre car - which I expected to come as a shock having had numerous sporty and prestige cars over the past 10 years, but it hasn't.

The handling is fine, maybe even fun, and I have no complaints about my 107 at all.

It is a modern interpretation of the mini, 2CV, or beetle. Far from attracting sneers from other motorists, most people are interested in what it's like to own, as they are fed up with the ridiculous costs of running a car these days.

The only thing I can't understand is why last year's JD Power Survey placed the Toyota Aygo 12th out of 100 on their list of cars, but the 107 came 46th. Considering they are identical and built on the same production line with only minor cosmetic differences to the bodywork to differentiate between the two brands, I thought this a bit odd. Must all be down to the expectations of different buyers, and proves that these surveys must be taken with a pinch of salt.

I'm very happy with it, and would recommend the 107/C1/Aygo to anyone. I'll keep mine for a long time.

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Review Date: 4th June, 2008

25th Sep 2008, 17:02

The JD power ratings also take into account ownership, eg dealer quality - hence the difference?

I would rather deal with Toyota than Peugeot when something goes wrong...

As well as the C1/Aygo/107, many of the components like the 1.0VVTi engine are used in three other cars; the Daihatsu Sirion, 2007- Subaru Justy and current Toyota Yaris 1.0.

I have the new facelifted 2008 Daihatsu Sirion 1.0S (see review), which is Japanese built to exacting standards and cost the same as a 107 but came with standard air con, side 'bags, 5 doors and a five year unlimited mileage warranty and breakdown cover. It emits 118g/km as opposed to the 107 trios 109g so will be £30pa road tax in 2009, not your £20. Insurance is group 4 not 1 too, and economy is 5mpg less - but I feel the lesser known Sirion is the better car as it is far more capable due to much more room, equipment, warranty, safety and better tyres/grip. It is very light at 890kg and gets 50-65mpg, but is still comfortable and reassuring on demanding roads and motorways.

This is a great site and I read your comments with interest - glad you like your car. I agree with the comments about this is how cars used to feel - light and simple.

This type of car makes you laugh at big expensive cars!