Proton Mpi reviews from UK and Ireland


Mpi 1.3 petrol

Honest, reliable, cheap to run motor :-)

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Mpi SE Saloon 1.5 12 valve OHC Mpi

A brilliant all round vehicle that provides excellent value for money

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Mpi SL 1.5 petrol

Excellent value for money

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Mpi SE 1.5i

An economical Escort beater

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Mpi SE 1.5 12valve MPi

An absolute bargain car, provided its been looked after.

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Mpi 12 Valve 1.5 12 Valve

Safe, reliable motoring that would go on for decades

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Mpi SE 1.5 petrol

Cheap and cheerful runabout, which is let down by it's engine and poor quality plastics

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Mpi GL Saloon 1.3 12V MPI

Cheap and tough at heart

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Mpi 1.3 petrol


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