1969 Renault 16 TS petrol


Great car, wish there were more about


Head gasket blew at about 100,000 miles.

Problems with electrical wiring, possibly previous owner?

General Comments:

This was my first car I bought after 5 previous owners.

After motorcycles, it felt like driving a tank.

The Renault 16 was a 'poor man's Rolls Royce.

Comfort was out of this world, beat all other cars.

My TS was very reliable, clocking up about 80,000 miles.

I've had seven 16's in all over the years, last 1994, TX.

She's been 'off road' for 27 odd years.

Now undergoing full, detailed re-build, 3 years so far.

Welding 90% done, still lots to do, 2011 finish maybe?

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Review Date: 12th December, 2010

1971 Renault 16 TX 1.6 petrol


Comfortable, spacious, reliable: a really good car


The engine cut out several times, but my local garage fixed it for a pittance and gave excellent service.

The brake cable snapped after 107,000 miles and was replaced by my local dealer, again at a low price and with excellent service.

Body parts started to show their age after more than 20 years, especially the bumpers.

General Comments:

In 1990 paid £75 for a 19-year-old Renault 19TX 1.6 litre petrol. It was an extremely spacious and comfortable car. Very good to drive too.

A few body parts started to show their age, but even after 25 years the car ran as smooth as silk.

Finally sold it to a neighbour for £25.

They did a few D.I.Y modifications on it and then sold it on to a workmate for £40.

The Renault 16 lasted 30 years, covering 156,000 miles, before it was finally written off by joyriders in the summer of 2001. The owner's insurers paid them £20 for it!

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Review Date: 30th November, 2004