2012 Renault Megane Dynamic Nav Coupe 1.5 Dci Eco2 Stop & Start


Good economical car, doesn't like rough roads, irritating rattles!


Exhaust air flap: Replaced under warranty.

Large rear trim panel would stay secured causing major rattling: Replaced FOC.

Satellite steering wheel control doesn't work for phone book: Replacement stalk did not fix the issue, still broken!

Rattles, everywhere, despite the main dealer adding foam in various places!

Driver's seat ridiculously squeaky.

General Comments:

I bought this car to have a reliable commuter. I love the look of this car, it was the only high MPG car within 50 miles I actually liked. A year later I still admire the styling.

The small diesel is surprisingly torquey once moving, and longer drives give over 60 MPG. My shorter 17 mile each way commute is never less then 53 MPG, which is excellent seeing as I rev it to approx 3k RPM. I used to rev it higher, but as max torque is 2k to 3k RPM, I rarely do that anymore.

The 6 speed gearbox likes to be warm before you work it. It's a bit notchy and vague, but once warm you can speed through the gears quite nicely.

Being the coupe it's lower and stiffer than other models; that makes rough roads question your choice, especially as I'm middle aged, but it handles and grips very well. The downside of the handling is that the seat backs do not hold you in place in the corners; they really need to be a couple of inches deeper.

There is a lot of road noise on concrete.

Other than the constant rattles and squeaky driver's seat, the interior feels solid enough. The radio is pretty poor, but you get used to it. The Bluetooth streaming works well, and call quality via the car is good.

The heater is adequate, but the car doesn't get to normal temperature in 4 degrees Celsius which the main dealer said is normal.

The auto lights and wipers work well. Happily changing headlight bulbs is easy (not a bumper off job), as they slide out on rails.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 16th March, 2017