Metro 1.3


150 words, 1 comment

Metro l 1.1L

Never buy one

234 words, 2 comments

Metro GTi SE MPi 1.4 16v twincam

Underrated, quick and cheap to run! Loads of fun!

161 words

Metro S 1.1 petrol 8v

An underrated, good car

171 words, 1 comment

Metro S 5 Door 1.1 8v petrol

Cheap, reliable, but disappointing

106 words, 1 comment

Metro S 1.1

A great little car Rover should make it again, but without the early 80's Styling

195 words

Metro KZXN2000 2.0i 12v


116 words

Metro 1.1S 1.1 petrol

A dependable run around

178 words

Metro GTi 16v 1.4

Amazing car and very quick for money

90 words, 4 comments

Metro C 1.1 petrol

A criminally underrated car

79 words

Metro GS 1.4

Don't buy one!

110 words

Metro GTi 16v 1.4 Twin Cam

1.6 Corsas and Balenos are hopeless against my baby.

49 words, 5 comments

Metro GTi 16v 1.4 petrol

Cheap speed!

126 words, 6 comments

Metro GTa 8v 1.4 petrol

A powerful little beast!

82 words, 2 comments

Metro GTa 1.4 8v petrol

A stylish, nippy, and cheap small car. Better than you might think

81 words, 5 comments

Metro S 1.1 petrol

Smooth economical transport

154 words, 1 comment

Metro S 1.1

Nippy and cheap, a bargain buy now

62 words

Metro C 1.1

A cute, reliable and very under-estimated little car. If you can stand the jokes then go for it!

119 words

Metro LS 1.4 8V

Great blend of performance, economy, handling and comfort

102 words

Metro S 1.1

A decent reliable runabout, but don't rush out to buy one!

284 words

Metro City 1.1 petrol

56 words

Metro GTa 1.4 petrol

47 words

Metro GTi 1.4 16v petrol

55 words, 1 comment