1979 Rover - Austin Princess 2 HLS 2.0 petrol


Competent, but poorly built


Admittedly the car I owned was a one owner from new car, but nothing ever went wrong with it. I was given it for free due to its shabby appearance and advanced corrosion. this didn't stop it obtaining a new mot though.

General Comments:

I like these cars, but I'm not blind to the fact that they are hideously ugly from every angle. If leyland had built these in the style of the triplex 10/20 prototype I reckon it would have sold by the shipload.

For all that, they were an extremely civilised car to drive. 1700s were underpowered, 2200 six cylinders too thirsty to justify such a small difference in performance. I found the 2000 the best compromise. at the time I had mine they were a worthless old banger so parts were cheap and readily available from scrapyards.

Ultra comfortable, with armrests in the front seats, a perfect motorway cruiser and 30 mpg easily.

Handling was good for such a large car and in common with other BL front wheel drive cars of the era, they were great in the snow.

I think the huge amount of damage done by early cars unreliability finished this car off by 1979, it never sold in significant numbers afterwards.

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Review Date: 22nd December, 2006

16th Jan 2007, 15:05

My dad had one of these when we were kids. I remember that lovely hydragas ride and limo-like rear seat space. It was much more capacious than the Granada that replaced it.

Shock horror - I also seem to recall the Princess was pretty reliable. The hydragas had to be pumped up every so often, and it used to run a bit hot in traffic, but other than that it got us about OK.

1980 Rover - Austin Princess 2 HLS Automatic 2.2


Absolutely nothing, except a snapped choke cable in 1985. -- And I have owned the car since new. It is immaculate, and has never let me down once.

General Comments:

A truly amazing luxury vehicle!!

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Review Date: 28th March, 1999

15th Sep 2001, 09:30

This man is so right! This car is a gem and was Grossly underrated! astonben@hotmail.com.

4th Apr 2006, 16:53

I've had my Princess for a long time and it's been extremely reliable. In the meantime I owned a Toyota MR2 which suffered continuous faults and breakages despite rigorous servicing.

If the Toyota was designed to Leyland standards I would still own it.