2000 SAAB 9-3 HOT Convertible 2.0 turbo (205 BHP)


Quirky and quick, and great value for money


Display on computer screen missing pixels.

Battery needed charging.

Some paintwork imperfections.

General Comments:

Slightly old fashioned even for 2000, but low key, stylish fun without German brashness. A year round convertible thanks to good wind protection and a great heater.

An oddball mixture of a powerful turbo engine, scuttle shake, twitchy handling, fantastic seats, thoughtful engineering (including a high quality electric/hydraulic roof), and the odd bit of GM penny pinching quality slips (flimsy plastic trim and rattles).

Inexpensive to buy, and so far no expenses to keep it going. Classic car insurance is very reasonable (£120).

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Review Date: 14th December, 2015

2000 SAAB 9-3 S 2.0 turbo


Total and utter rubbish


Brakes were crap... replaced rotors / pads, everything. Made bugger all difference. Bulkhead flex leaves you with a crap pedal.

PAS cooler ruptured - rusted through.

General Comments:

Utter rubbish GM crap with a SAAB engine.

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Review Date: 9th November, 2010

29th Aug 2011, 03:27

First of all, let us be very clear from the start that the majority of Saab main dealers are a complete waste of time and money. The only sensible way to maintain a Saab car is to find yourself an independent specialist.

This I have done, a small independent Saab specialist where both the partners are time served Saab trained apprentices (when apprenticeships were for 7 years), then a further 12 months employed by Saab at the factory in Sweden.

I have used them for a number of years, and have established quite a rapport with them and other enlightened Saab owners, some of which have now clocked up over 300,000 miles (no, not kms, MILES) with their Saab 93s and 95s.

They regularly have Saabs brought to them from other garages who just cannot get the cars to perform as they should, simply because they do not have the correctly trained staff to maintain these vehicles.

As for our American cousins, well if I were living in the States, I just would not entertain a Saab for the simple reason that Saab dealerships are virtually nonexistent.

If you live in North America, then no, do not consider a Saab, the odds are stacked against you. If you are however lucky enough to live in a European country, then yes, a Saab is a very safe bet.

2000 SAAB 9-3 Aero 2.0 HOT


Brilliant performance bargain!!


Nothing at all has gone wrong with this car.

Deceptively quick car.

Ultimate street sleeper.

Very practical car, usable boot, rear seating and front seating.

Ergonomics are great.

Seats are unrivalled!!

General Comments:

Where do I start? I'm a young male with some cash burning a hole in my pocket. I want something fairly quick, but cant be too lairy due to nature of my job needing me to look like I am a normal individual, as opposed to a boy racer.

Looking through the Autotrader, I came across this Saab 93 AeroHOT. I thought why not? The bhp figure seems ok (205) and it's known as a sensible executive car, and totally different from the usual BMW and Merc offerings that people my age are all trying to buy.

I saw it at the dealership and was impressed. From certain angles the car looks very average and mundane. However there are other angles which make you stop and look twice. Love it!

However what you would love even more is the driving experience! Yes I know everywhere you read about how it's got so much torque steer, and how it is not class leading when it comes to handling. But the fact that no one looks at it with any kind of fear is great when you smoke them off the lights! 0-60 just under 7 seconds is not bad for a car of this type. Not many other cars can keep up with it, gears 3 & 4 are automotive orgasms! The thrust and the speedo needle rushing round the counter to catch up with the rev counter needle is intoxicating! All whilst sitting in leather heated seats!

In all honesty NW London roads mean you wont ever have the chance to push the handling to the limits, therefore it is a very good car to drive.

Fuel wise it is not too bad if driven sensibly, but the urge to whip past cars can leave you seeing 19mpg on the computer screen! Gulp!

I just love to see the faces of people when they look at your car in awe and shock, and realise they got owned!!

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Review Date: 2nd May, 2007