2005 SAAB 9-3 Vector Sport 1.9 Tid turbo diesel


Mutton dressed as lamb!


Audio speakers have given up.

Support in driver's seat.

Rattles and noise from dash.

Various faults with the electronic display.

General Comments:

I was very excited about getting this car, only to be extremely disappointed overall 3 months on.

This car is just not worthy of its price tag and market description.

Apart from great looks and a "reasonable" driving experience, the rest of this car can only be described as average.

The seats are terrible.

There is no adjustment on the driver's seat (on this model) for leg support... none at all on front passenger seat!

You can actually feel the metal sub frame through your backside after driving for over 30 minutes.

The interior is made up of poor quality plastics, shiny cheap leather, and has a dull, bland and cheap feel about it overall (and already rattles and squeaks like a 10 year old taxi)!

I like the layout and ergonomics of the dash, but turn on the so called stereo system (the 7 speaker upgrade in this model) and all you get at even a modest volume, is vibration from the door bins, coupled with a weak distorted muffled mess.

The gear change is not smooth either, especially from 2 through 3, road and wind noise is intrusive, ride quality is not comfortable or reassuring at speed.. I appreciate this car has lowered suspension and low profile tyres, so would expect a little more road noise and firm ride... but the overall experience here is not what I was expecting from Saab.

The frustrating thing about this car is all to evident. Saving money, cutting corners on quality and attempting to boost GM's bottom line by trying to fool customers into buying a reported "executive sports saloon".. it just isn't!!

It fails in all the basic areas you would expect, considering the price!!

Alongside a Mondeo, Vectra or similar, it would compare favourably as a total package, but only just.

It's not a bad car.. just not what it says on the tin!

My previous car war a VX Signum... this car suffered from, in my opinion, a great driving experience - something I was told I would find in a 9-3, but the cabin quality, build, levels of equipment etc make my much more expensive Saab, well... poor.

I hope my 9-3 is just a Friday afternoon job, and someone could restore my faith!!

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Review Date: 20th August, 2005

21st Aug 2005, 12:14

GENERAL MOTORS also make the Vectra, Astra etc..

Both of these are more than acceptable, for the price range and the target audience, for what they purport to be.. so why do GM offer poor quality with the 9-3?..

If the 9-3, like some say, is only a "tarted" up Vectra, then why can't they a least offer the same shared quality of interior, seats, audio system.etc.. you get a higher spec and quality on a mid range vectra costing £7k less.. and even the indicator stalks are better, and don't look and feel rubbish!

The company I work for has a fleet of 9-3's, resulting from a deal with GM.

It's a sad fact that many of my colleagues share the majority of the opinions and criticisms you read here and are quietly disapointed with the 9-3.

Our American friends may love this car, compared to some of the offering they have, but this car in the Uk is priced and targeted against the Audi A4,BMW 3 series etc and in my opinion does not deserve to be!!

2005 SAAB 9-3 VECTOR SPORT 1.9 TID 120


Looks amazing, handles well, delivers your driving expectations, but... feels cheap, quality lacking


Drivers seat has "Sagged" already and developed a frustrating squeak!

(and I am not a heavy person)

Rattles from the Dashboard area.

General Comments:

This car is only three Months old.

I truly am impressed with this cars looks, overall performance, levels of comfort and driver appeal, but this is where the praise stops!

The build quality is well below par, plastics used on the dash look and feel cheap, a new rattle appears from behind the dash every Week and road/wind noise are both excessive and intrusive for a car in this league and price.

The sound quality,even from the seven speaker upgrade on this model is dreadful, almost pathetic.

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Review Date: 1st April, 2005

12th Apr 2005, 11:05

I was about to type a review, only to find the comments above reflect my own opinions!

Come on Saab, address these minor issues and make the 9-3 the car it deserves to be.

9th May 2005, 02:06

The Audio System is terrible. No depth to bass, muffled sound at volume. £20+ k for this car and fitted with what appears to be a early '80's Amstrad... at best!!