2003 Seat Ibiza 1.2


Lovely car to drive apart from its faults


I bought this car in March 2016 and it was running fine until a couple of weeks ago, when the EPC light came on and the car now loses power when driving.

I took it to a local garage and they made the car worse. Have got to take it to Seat on the 7th July to see if they can sort it. I was just wondering what sort of price it would be to get the car fixed, as am on ESA and need the car to get me to places as part of my mental health; I can't use public transport.

If anybody knows how much it will cost to fix it, that would be very helpful.

General Comments:

A very good car to have. Have had many cars, but this car I think is one of the best apart from common problems. It's a very cheap car to run.

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Review Date: 2nd July, 2016

2003 Seat Ibiza S 1.2


Excellent first car, despite the faults


2009 (6 years old) - Camchain flung off with no warning; fortunately it did not take any of the valves with it. Independent garage fixed this by replacing with a cambelt. At the same time there were issues with the engine warning light that came on, went off and then constantly stayed on. After numerous checks, it could not be diagnosed. Work costs circa £650.

2009 (6 years old) - Further issues with engine warning light; could not be diagnosed. £25 to hook up to the computer.

2010 (7 years old) - Coil 3 of 3 needed to be replaced. Replaced by RAC call out. Circa £40 to replace.

2010 (7 years old) - Driver's window would not close; it was dislodged and stuck in the door. Work cost circa £200.

2010 (7 years old) - Within 2 months, the passenger window was stuck in the door. Work cost circa £200.

2011 (8 years old) to present - Heater issues; intermittently blows hot air even though it is on cold.

2011 (8 years old) - Coil 2 of 3 needed to be replaced by RAC call out again. Asked them to replace 1 of 3 too. Circa £80 to replace.

2011 (8 years old) - Windscreen shattered. Independent windscreen service replaced windscreen for £160.

2012 (9 years old) to present - Engine burning oil.

2012 (9 years old) to present - Rear water reservoir stopped working.

2013 (10 years old) to present - Engine using 5 litres of oil in just over 2 months.

2013 (10 years old) - Front wipers seizing up; currently waiting diagnosis!!

General Comments:

As a first car, it has been excellent despite the additional money spent to overcome the problems.

It moves for a 1.2 and accelerates smooth.

Super light car that swerves in wind.

£135 road tax per year

Poor fuel economy. I travel circa 50 miles per day, spending around £45 a week on petrol.

Cheap insurance.

Feels safe. Outgrown the car; currently looking for a new one, quite possibly the Altea.

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Review Date: 11th June, 2013

12th Jun 2013, 18:31

If your car is using 5 litres of oil within 2 months, get rid of it as soon as possible! Unless you plan to run it (the engine) into the ground.

13th Jun 2013, 00:44

All those faults for such a low mileage car isn't excellent in my view! Also, a car either has a cambelt or a camchain; you can't replace one with the other.

14th Jun 2013, 02:08

As I said, I am currently looking for a new one.

14th Jun 2013, 02:15

It has been a frustrating car regarding the problems, but I have enjoyed driving it.

11th Jul 2016, 18:32

What I normally do with my disposable cars is just top up the oil burnt with free used motor oil.

2003 Seat Ibiza 1.2


Good value for money - sporty looking


Coil packs - 2 coil packs replaced in 2011.

Timing chain slipped at the 79,000 miles point in January 2013 - this is apparently a common problem of this year of Seat Ibiza from other reviews I have read - either of this year (2003) or after 50,000 miles. The car just would not fire one evening after work, when I had driven it that day without any indication anything was wrong - the garage (local - not Seat) said they hooked it up to a diagnostic check and it showed it was either one of two things - the throttle body or accelerator pedal. They replaced the cheapest one - accelerator pedal (£90), but that did not fix the problem. I asked them to hold on the throttle body until I had made some enquiries. Rang a Seat garage, who said it would not be the throttle body - "ask them to check the timing chain" - they did and said it had slipped.

The timing chain kit cost me £177.00 + VAT. The local garage said not to get another Seat one, as the one he removed was thin and not good quality.

Rear windscreen wiper - stopped working 2011.

Air conditioning blows out warm sometimes.

General Comments:

If the car won't start and the battery is fine (as was mine), get the timing chain checked - call a Seat garage if not having the work done by them, and ask for some general advice first. It saved me having a throttle body changed for no reason at £400+!!!

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Review Date: 30th January, 2013