2005 Seat Toledo Stylance 1.9 TDI turbo diesel


Tried to like it...


Lots of little electrical faults. Airbag lights, blowing bulbs etc...

Dual mass flywheel and clutch replaced with solid alternatives.

Front springs broken and replaced.

Front bushes replaced with neoprene bushes; they last longer than the rubber ones.

Both front window regulator cables replaced.

Wiring in both front doors has broken in the A pillar. Had to solder patch wires in to get the central locking working again. Have yet to do the driver's side, as the electric mirrors are no longer working, and I suspect that side.

Starter replaced, as it was turning the car over too slow to start the car when warm.

Have recently tried to claim on the Seat 12 year anti corrosion warranty, as the rear passenger door keeper is rotten at the C pillar. The keeper panel has rusted thin, and the stress of closing the door has now split the metal, and the keeper is flexing badly in the quarter panel. Won't be good if somebody leans against the door, for the keeper to rip out of the panel and the door fly open. Unfortunately Seat don't want to know about it, so the corrosion warranty is not worth the paper it's written on. I thought the days of cars rusting like this were over years ago.

Dash rattles and squeaks can irritate.

General Comments:

Despite the general wear and tear items, it has been a reasonably reliable car.

Not quick by any means, but the 1.9 TDI is reliable enough.

I am sure I've not listed all the faults, but most of them have been just general wear and tear.

Main concern is now the rusting of the rear door keeper; was not expecting that from a VAG brand car. Makes me wonder if there's any more rust I haven't noticed yet. I've seen cars over twice this age without any sign of this rust.

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Review Date: 18th April, 2013

19th Apr 2013, 08:11

Sounds like it has cost a fortune to keep running; sell it while you can!

These cars have no build quality; an Astra 1.7 diesel is a good alternative. I would give the rust a fast blowover respray, then knock it out to a mug punter. Don't walk away from the SEAT, RUN!!!

2005 Seat Toledo TDI Stylance 1.9 turbo diesel


Nice car, but electrical nuisances plague it


Wiper motor showed on diagnostics as faulty, and was replaced under warranty at 7000 miles.

Airbag light came on at 24000 miles; fixed under warranty.

Airbag light came on at 27000 miles; fixed under warranty.

Cruise control switch faulty at 27000 miles; repaired under warranty.

Airbag light came on at 31000 miles; to be fixed yet.

Lots of squeaks and noises from the dashboard, and also a lot of clicking from under the dash, which annoys as it sounds like I have left the indicator on, but the dealer is unable to find the fault.

General Comments:

Like the cars looks, but a lot of niggling faults with it really disappoint me about this motor.

Boot is very small and an odd shape; have trouble with some prams and can't fit the golf clubs in it.

Electrics leave a lot to be desired; wiper motor fault and constant problems with the airbag lights are causing me great concerns about this vehicle.

These are not a financial problem now as car is still under warranty, but will become so when the warranty ends.

Plenty of good points, like the tinted windows, rear parking sensors, loads of room in the cabin for occupants, very economical, great headlights etc, but the electrical problems are really annoying me.

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Review Date: 27th April, 2008

2005 Seat Toledo SE 1.9 TDI 130 Bhp


Best buy apart from a few clauses


On the first day the electronics in the interior went, when I switched on a light. Later to find a fuse had blown. Got a new one the next day.

Four months later my turbo became faulty. The car performed well until I reached 60 mph and was so slow after that. The warranty covered it.

A month after that there was a leak in the air vent on the ground letting in water. The warranty also covered it.

Seven months after that my turbo failed again. Oil was leaking in causing a huge puff of smoke from the exhaust when started. Three days out of warranty had to pay half the price.

General Comments:

Seat dealers were FANTASTIC gave me all the help I needed. All of the engine was checked for any more faults. New parts were put in place and was also serviced.

Great car to drive, 6 gears, superb power dilevery, such a breeze in taking over other cars, hardly have to even push in on the accelerator. So economical in and around town about 24-30 mpg. On the motorway 58-66 with the cruise control at a reasonable speed 60-70 mph.

Love the Satellite Navigation, DVD player, auto climate control, sun roof, 6 disc CD changer, front and back electric windows, electric door mirrors, cruise control. Great family car!!!

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Review Date: 17th May, 2007