SsangYong Musso reviews from UK and Ireland


Musso GX220 3.2 petrol

High performance 4WD with a hell of a sting in the tail forthe unwary

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Musso GSE (602EL) 2.9 diesel

132 words

Musso IL 3200 3.2 petrol 6 cyl.

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Musso SE 2.9 diesel

Excellent value for money as a secondhand reliable 4x4

213 words

Musso GSE 2.9 diesel

Low cost 4WD luxury with Mercedes technology

58 words

Musso GSE AUTO 2.9 diesel

Great 4x4, lots of room, buy one

97 words

Musso SE 2.9

A good value 4x4

108 words, 6 comments

Musso SE 2.9 diesel

A highly underestimated car, buy used when in good condition

67 words

Musso GX220 3.2

The most fun you can have with your clothes on

177 words


Musso GSE 2.9 diesel (Non turbo)

Absolutely Outstanding Value for money!!

183 words, 2 comments

Musso GL 2.9 diesel

Slow but reliable

68 words, 1 comment

Musso SE 2.9 diesel

A big 4x4 at a bargain price

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