1994 Subaru Legacy GT Twin Turbo 2.0 twin turbo


Best, most reliable, fast, most practical car I have ever owned!



General Comments:

Out-accelerated a new Audi Quattro on the M1... this car is a 94! WTH!!

Quite simply the best most reliable, fast, most practical car I have ever owned at the BEST purchase price (£2.8k).

I now live in Canada, and I contrast the North American reviews with those of us who have owned imported Subarus in the UK! What does this mean? It means that when these things get touched by North American hands, they screw them up with a focus on profit/lowest cost and built to fail - not reliability. How else can all the non North American reviews say they are great? I am one of them! ANSWER - BUY A GREY IMPORT MADE IN JAPAN, NOT ONE MADE IN THE US!!

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Review Date: 15th September, 2010

19th Nov 2010, 02:44

Amen to that. I also had a Japanese import 1994 twin turbo, and it too was one of the best cars I had ever owned. Awesome torque for easy cruising, and great handling as well. I recently bought a non-turbo Subaru Legacy 2.5L, and I must say I miss the old one desperately.

It's amazing how much more refined the turbo engine is, not to mention the power difference.