2007 Subaru Legacy BL 2.0r


Excellent beautiful motor, A1


Got the car cheap with the dual mass flywheel needing replacing with a single mass flywheel; still hasn't given in, and will not be an expensive fix.

As of now, nothing has gone wrong, touch wood.

General Comments:

The car is thirsty compared to my previous 2007 Civic. The AWD makes sure you don't lose grip in the dry or wet.

Beautiful looking car, plenty of space inside. The boot could be bigger, was looking at a Mazda 6, but this car caught my eye straight away, and there are not many of them about.

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Review Date: 26th June, 2011

15th Feb 2013, 09:39

A lot of cars with dual mass flywheels seem to be having trouble, and that's from a lot of manufacturers. Most replace with a single mass flywheel. The Legacy (Liberty) will use more petrol than the Civic because of extra weight, larger engine and the AWD system creating more driveline resistance. Plus Subaru tend to tune their engines for higher outputs with a linear power/torque buildup. This usually means they end up using more fuel.