2007 Suzuki Grand Vitara X-EC 2.0


Capable and comfortable



General Comments:

Only had car 2 weeks and and my first impressions are very good.

No rattles or squeaks, comfortable and spacious after our outgoing RX-8.

Not the most powerful engine, the 2.0 petrol, and being auto, first mpg not very good, around 28 mpg, but after 18-20 mpg from the RX, it's a welcome relief.

Nice features on the X-EC; cruise, electric sunroof, alcantara seats etc. Very pleased with car, it seems to do what it says on the label.

Seems a well put together safe car, changed it mainly as wife has an ongoing back problem and this car is ideal with seats you can get straight into at the right height, and being an auto, it's a dream to drive.

The auto box, even though it is only 4 speed, changes very slickly, unlike the lurching of a few X-Trails we tested.

Amazed that a lot of the controls and layout seems to replicate the Mazda!

Only oddity is the fuel gauge takes ages to go up after you fill up, about 45 minutes, but OK after it reaches the top. Will get the dealer to check it out under warranty.

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Review Date: 15th November, 2009

7th Feb 2010, 17:40

Follow up to my above post.

Now had car just over 3 months, and apart from a joke of a dealer who seem little interested in me as a customer or my car, the 3 months have shown that this car is very capable in the recent snow, and it felt sure footed whatever was thrown at it.

Only down side of what is a great car is the average mpg seems to be a poor 23.

Bottom three rear window elements not heating, and on a 25 mile trip, which was booked in at the dealers, I was fobbed off with being told they cannot issue a warranty claim as the master technician needs to check it over, and guess what.. it's his day off today!! Have had three other trips before this to get a second remote programmed, as the previous owner had lost it and Suzuki say they are ordering the right part, but they come faulty, three times!! They tell me now it's in hand with Suzuki Germany. Don't know why as I'm in the UK, probably a dealer fob off.

Bubbling on chromed front trim, dealer takes photos and 6 weeks later no decision whether it will be a warranty job.

But apart from dealer gripes, it is a good car, transported 4 adults and 4 very large cases and other luggage without the need to lose any rear seating.

Would I buy another, probably not due to the bad dealership around me.

2007 Suzuki Grand Vitara 5 Door 1.9 DDiS


Looks good from the outside, but not pleasant to drive


Many many rattles and squeaks

Recall for potential wiring loom burning.

General Comments:

Seriously poor economy from the Diesel engine. Owned a 2-litre petrol RAV4 a few years ago and managed 32mpg from that. The Diesel Vitara was only managing 35mpg.

Diesel engine was also noisy and the vibrations transmitted badly into the cabin. I've owned several other diesel cars (VW/Volvo) and never experienced anything like it.

For an offroader, the suspensions was way too hard - failing to soak up even the smallest bumps int the road.

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Review Date: 23rd June, 2008