Santana SJ410 1.0

Fantastic fun!!!

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Santana 970cc petrol

Expensive fun - while it lasted!

451 words

Santana 1.0

A rusty, overpriced dog of a car

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Santana SJ410 Q 1.0 petrol

A cheap, fun car for all year use

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Santana sj

Like the advert said be different

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Santana 1Ltr

A fun little car

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Santana SJ410 1.0 petrol

My dream jeep, I don't mind going slow because it's a poser car with the roof off!!!

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Santana 410 Soft Top 1.0

I'm sure my words will haunt you if you do, but... DON'T buy one

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Santana SJ 410 1.0 petrol

Fantastic when it snowed...

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Santana Q (soft top) SJ410 1.0

A fantastic, very reliable and fun car to drive. Nothing beats it on manouverability!

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