1980 Talbot Alpine GL 1.6


The last of an era... crap materials, good concept


Rust at the top of wheel arches, lip of tailgate and in floor pan on passenger side near front wheel arch (MOT fail).

Poor breathing (always unclogging breather pipes which glooped-up), failed alternator, thrust bearing on first gear.

General Comments:

I was made redundant: Was told could keep the company BMW for 1 month, or give it back and be given £400 compensation, so took the dosh and bought a bucket to run about in until a new job with a car came up. Picked up the Alpine. Had dented passenger door and said rust. Ran well. Damp interior...

I sorted out the dent, added some rubber door stripes and gave it a respray! I had it for 3 years in the end (no job with car came!). Ran well and screamed like a scolded cat in top gear from 50-75mph; a real burner! Was cheap to run. My 1st MOT only needed a new tyre - was astounded! Second one was the rust, and it needed welding, and the picky examiner said the indicators flashed too fast! So down to the junk yard for a relay. Sold it for the same as I paid for it - £395 to an AA engineer! He said it looked a good car... but it was on its last knockings in terms of economy for me...

It was comfy inside and loads of room!

My Father died and I inherited his low mileage Citroen BX. Once I had cleaned it up and sorted all the suspension leaks, it lasted me another 11 years until I got a new 4x4! So old cars can be a Godsend! Am glad I have a pic of my Alpine for prosperity!

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Review Date: 4th September, 2011

1981 Talbot Alpine LX 1.5 petrol


Comfortable and inexpensive to run, but unreliable


Power steering failed after 39,000 miles. Tried to drive with non assisted steering until I was finally fed up of such heavy steering. Went to the local garage and paid for the power steering to be repaired.

Petrol tank split and started to leak after 44,000 miles. Had a new tank fitted at the local garage.

Broke down several times in the space of one year.

General Comments:

The Alpine was reasonably cheap to run, comfortable and had good dealer backup. But it was only average to drive and was plagued by seemingly endless reliability problems.

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Review Date: 7th October, 2005

1982 Talbot Alpine GL 1.6 petrol


It was reliable and dependable


Mechanically - no serious problems.

Bodywork - rusted badly in places.

An engine fire at 12,500 miles necessitated a major rebuild.

General Comments:

The car was mechanically good and technically advanced for its time. It was reliable mechanically and very easy to maintain. The 1600 cc engine consistently returned 35 mpg over its lifetime. The main problem was the body rot.

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Review Date: 9th December, 2003

1st Oct 2005, 16:51

I had a series of them, 3 I think, when I was a medical student in the early nineties and needed to get between hospitals. Why? I was skint and you could buy one with 6 months MOT for £100. If I got more than a couple of months use out the the heap I was happy enough and one got 3 MOT's with just the (expected) welding.

Good bits? Economical. Cheap.

Bad bits? The rest. But then I got 4 years motoring for the cost of a couple of months repayments on something smarter.