1983 Toyota Celica ST 2.0 (8v - rear drive model)


Appreciating classic that will run forever and still look cool in 2112


Passenger seat belt mechanism wouldn't lock, some welding required, and the rear fog light wouldn't work. This was on a £60 car purchased from a breakers and was the list of things it failed its MOT on. ALL put right for £75 all in.

NOTHING else went wrong with this car in my 18 months of ownership, and it was 15 years old when I bought it...

General Comments:

Comfortable sports tourer - not a sports car though.

Very nice seats for long distance, and they wear well.

Typical Japanese 80's interior - bland but functional.

Good size boot and seating for 4/5 adults.

Lots of electric toys, but it's Japanese so they tend to work well.

Suspension too soft to make it handle well, but it is rear wheel drive so some fun can be squeezed out of the chassis.

2.0 litre engine is good on fuel and will push car along quite briskly, but it's not a sports car.

VERY rare now thanks to the "drifting" craze, meaning anything RWD and fitted with a limited slip differential gets a LOT more horsepower and is then thrashed to death...

If you can find (or own) an original one, keep it that way as you have yourself a fast appreciating asset. Toyota stopped making the RWD Celica at this model, and never sold that many in the first place. Look at the prices of the old Mitsubishi Starions now, you could pick these up for £750 a few years ago, and now restoration projects are selling for £2500 upwards,

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Review Date: 10th December, 2012