1986 Toyota Corolla GT Coupe 1.6 Twin Cam 16v


Mad loony mobile that can still impress


The big end bearings are on their way out.

Had to replace the clutch.

Finally I'm going through a set of tires for the back every month, but that's just me having some fun.

General Comments:

Mad bugger of a car recommend buying one.

Its the best fun you can have on four wheels.

Once you get the bug you won't lose it trust me I know I'm on my third one.

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Review Date: 12th February, 2003

1986 Toyota Corolla (AE86) GT 1.6 (4AGE)


Not cheap, but cheerful!!!


Not a thing.

Just standard service parts.

General Comments:

I utterly adore this car. OK, I was a bit sceptical of Corolla 's before, especially the boring "DX" And "GL" derivations, but this car is an absolute joy. It isn't outright quick compared with other GTi's, but it's rev happy engine ensures grins all the way. At idle, and in neutral, it will rev up to red-line in less than a second. Combine that with a slip diff on the rear axle and the car's rear will step out without much provocation!! :)

Now the downside... RUST!!!

Like all "Cam's" rust has set in on the rear wheel arches and 1/4 panels.

Working on the car is handy enough, although ECUs are thing that I have yet to master, although there ARE plans for a 150bhp 4AGE 20v!!!

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Review Date: 24th August, 2001

2nd Sep 2002, 09:11

WOW! this guy is so right. Corolla's with that sweet 4age engine are a gem! Incidentally they were the 1st twin cam 16valve engine to go into mass production. Rock on bro!

29th Sep 2002, 10:13

"I just bought a 86 GT-S five spd... for $500.00 with over

350.000 clicks on it... It's a total pleasure to drive.

13th Mar 2011, 12:29

The above comment is not true. Fiat offered twin cam engines on all models as early as the mid 60s, and of course, the 4cylinder versions were 16v.

Also it's worth noting that the variable intake ducting that is featured in this car has been available on at least one European since the 1920s!