1979 Toyota Cressida 2.0


Excellent pseudo yank styled cruiser


Water pump failed at 65000.

Bodywork gets rusty if left near a damp cloth!!

General Comments:

Very reliable old car, owned for four years and was reliable as your grandmother.

Never let me down, in all conditions, never overheated, or ran rough, even when neglected and abused. I Altered the suspension for better handling and appearance, (see photo above of my silver car. GAL 177v) because with stock soft ride, motion sickness was a problem.

Body wise rust was a problem even when cared for. If Toyota used better grade metal, there would still be thousands of these still running today.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 28th January, 2007

29th Jan 2007, 04:03

Not necessarily. I think Toyota have always used fine quality metal in their bodies. The problem is trapped water and mud. The Cressida was not the best design for keeping water out, and subsequently, trapped moisture ate away at these cars very quickly.