1993 Toyota Hi-lux Surf SSRX 3.0 turbo diesel


Awesome 4x4



General Comments:

These 4x4s are very overlooked in the UK.

They are a fantastic 4x4, very nice to drive, and of course, being a Hilux, very reliable. This is my second one now and I will be keeping this for many years to come. The 2.4 diesel can be bad for the cylinder heads going, but I have never had a problem with either of my 3.0 engines.

Pretty good on diesel as well very comfortable to drive, and plenty powerful as well.

With the rear seats down, it's very big, like a van, and you can get plenty inside. I have never got stuck in my Hilux Surf; I would trust it to go almost anywhere. If you service them and look after them, they will last you a lifetime.

I have had many different manufacturers and types of car, but the Hilux Surf, you just grow to love it.

Awesome 4x4 that will go anywhere and always puts a smile on my face when driving it.

Yes I love my Hilux Surf!

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Review Date: 24th April, 2017

2011 Toyota Hi-lux D4D Invincible 3.0 turbo diesel


Excellent, about to exchange it for another one


Tracking out from new, dealer corrected and replaced both front tyres.

General Comments:

Comfortable to drive long distances, other than lack of lumbar support in the seats.

Handling is better than you would expect from a pick-up, but not up to car quality.

Very flat torque curve, so it can be driven in 5th most of the time.

Extremely capable off-road, even on road tyres.

Excellent navigation and multimedia system, which includes an iPod connector in the glove box.

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Review Date: 30th March, 2014

2004 Toyota Hi-lux Crew Cab 3.0 D4D diesel


You can't buy a better 4x4 pickup ANYWHERE


Absolutely nothing, not even a flat tyre.

General Comments:

This is the third Hilux I've owned, and I haven't had a single problem with any of them. I can't recommend these vehicles highly enough.

This is the 3.0 auto model, and it still returns 30+ mpg.

The interior is all leather, and considering it's supposed to be a commercial vehicle, it's very well put together, and has a comfortable cabin.

The general build quality of these vehicles is exceptional, and I've owned supposed top of the range vehicles and 4x4's that don't even come close to these.

I owned a Mitsubishi L200 briefly before this, but I didn't keep it long; I soon realised my mistake and went back to a Hilux.

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Review Date: 6th October, 2009

2005 Toyota Hi-lux Vigo 3.0


Reliable and great to drive


I owned a 05 Hilux,. The jeep itself was very reliable and comfortable to drive. It was a good work horse.

The only problem I had with the Hilux is they don't handle very well in icy weather; mine skidded, the back end flew round, causing me to hit a ditch and flip over twice. The roof was caved in on the passenger side and all windows were smashed in, it is now written off. They should all be fitted with roll bars..

General Comments:

Seats comfortable, great power,

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Review Date: 23rd January, 2009

1996 Toyota Hi-lux SSR-X 3.0 diesel


You will never need another car!


UK import.

Rusty underneath due to salt use on roads in winter. Silly people!

Replaced ball joints, brake discs front and pads. D-bushes and fan belts also replaced.

General Comments:

Absolutely reliable. My old 4-runner was good in terms of reliability, but not great to drive, and a bit unwieldy.

The Series 3 Surf is revolutionary to drive. Comfy, safe, spacious. Go anywhere ability. Will be used to drive from Ireland via Spain to North Africa and thence to Petra in Syria. No reservations about vehicle at all.

If you want a proper 4x4, buy a Surf. Forget all other pretenders (with the exception of the 2002 to 2005 Nissan Navara, a truly indestructible vehicle if comfort is not an issue). Buy a Surf!!!

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Review Date: 31st December, 2007

1997 Toyota Hi-lux 2.4 turbo diesel


A proper truck!!


Batteries died at 70,000 miles (£90 the pair)

Propshaft UJ at 100,000 miles (£60 re-furb)

Brake discs at 110,000 miles (£60 the pair, fitted myself with new pads)

Drivers seat split on lower side from climbing in and out at 115,000 miles (due to me being a short ass!)

Rear back-box holed at 130,000 miles (£250)

I've wrecked two sets of rear-leaf springs from over-loading with tonne bags of building sand/ballast. (£200 each time fitted myself)

That is absolutely everything I've done to it apart from cam belt changes at 60k intervals (90k I'm nervous with for the sake of £150 fitted)

General Comments:


The only car I've ever owned that I don't want to get rid of after 12 months because I'm bored of it.

Paid for itself a million times over, cost me next to nothing to run, even though I haven't really serviced it as often as I should. OK its never been serviced by a dealer. I've changed filters a few times myself.

A true work-horse.

I'd like to see an L200/Navara/Ranger survive with me as long as this one, and mine is still going!!!

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Review Date: 6th August, 2007