2001 Toyota RAV4 NRG 2.0 diesel


Great when the engine management warning light is not on!


Engine Management Warning Light comes on on the dashboard. Very erratic, mainly when heavy on the accelerator to overtake or build up speed quickly.

Very dangerous as engine will not rev at all once the light appears. Have to pull over, turn off the ignition and restart the engine.

Have taken the car to the dealer for a diagnostic check, but they appear unable to find the cause. Have changed meters, valves, etc. cost €700 up to now, and the fault is still not fixed.

The problem seems now to be worse than before I took the car in to the garage. They have advised me the problem may be an ECU or turbocharger fault. I said I would not be willing to pay any further costs until they could guarantee the fault would be fixed.

Have contacted Toyota Ireland, but they can only speak to Garage Repairer to try to get them to sort it out. Seems that Toyota Customer Care is not a priority once the warranty period is over, even though car is very low mileage (29,000)

Am awaiting call from Garage following the Easter holiday. Watch this space!!!

General Comments:

I love the RAV4 but if the problem can't be fixed easily, it will have to go!!!

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Review Date: 6th April, 2007

27th Jul 2007, 07:37

I have the same fault on a Nissan X-Trail. I wonder if they have the same management unit?

2001 Toyota RAV4 GX 2.0 petrol


Very good, would get another when the time comes


Nothing other than the yellow engine light which won't ever go out. At 21,000 miles the Dealer told me to just ignore it saying it was a common problem!

General Comments:

This is the third RAV I have had - and the first 5 door MK2. Seriously better than the MK1, feels and is a bigger car.

Off road as good as the MK1 surprisingly so as I've taken it places I would previously have only used a Land Rover for. Decent off-road tyres a necessity for this though !

OK in snow too. No problems on several ski trips to the Alps.

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Review Date: 10th October, 2003