Astra GTE 2 ltr 8v

Truly great!

25 words

Astra GTE 2.0 16v

Everything you could want from a hot hatch for under a grand

177 words


This car can still perform quite well against a more modern car

73 words

Astra GL 1.6 carb

Faultless powerful engines, cheap to maintain, and to rewarding drive

401 words

Astra L 1.6 petrol

A scarred veteran coming to the end of its days

250 words

Astra GTE 16v 2.0L

A very quick and extremely cheap car, but watch out for the rust

196 words

Astra Merit 1.3

Cheap and cheery!

115 words, 1 comment

Astra GTE 16v 2.0

Cheap, fast, reliable car

82 words

Astra SRi 5 Door 1.8 injection (18SE)

Cheapo thrust - more edge for less wedge!

143 words

Astra GTE 16v 2.0 DOHC 16v

You will not lose to anything less than a Cosworth

250 words, 3 comments

Astra GTE 2.0i 16v petrol

An absolute must have one type car

107 words

Astra GTE 2.0 8v petrol

Fast and unreliable fun

49 words

Astra GTE 8v 2.0 8v petrol

An affordable head turner

61 words

Astra GTE 2.0 16v petrol

Keep hold of it - one day these are going to be very sought after!

105 words

Astra Tiffany 1.3

A cheap thrill

60 words

Astra GTE 2.0i 8v petrol

Money well spent

45 words

Astra GL 1.6

Beats any Ford

57 words

Astra Swing 1.3

Good run around for a first car

170 words

Astra SRi 1.8i petrol

Bargain bucket!!

66 words

Astra Merit (GTE Lookalike) 1.3

Better than any Ford in my opinion

42 words

Astra LXi Estate 1.8i 118 bhp petrol

47 words, 3 comments

Astra Merit Estate 1.4 petrol

66 words

Astra SR 1.4 petrol

62 words

Astra Gte 2.0 8 valve petrol

82 words, 1 comment

Astra GTE 2.0 8v petrol

48 words