Astra LS CDTi Estate 1.7 turbo diesel

Decent car until the end...

337 words

Astra Convertible 1.8

Looker, reliable and economical

43 words

Astra SRi 1.8

Best car I've owned

92 words

Astra Bertone Coupe 1.8 16v

Good value for money, good running costs, but not without it's faults

505 words

Astra Soft Top 2.2 litre

Cool, spine shattering, masochistic, riot!

235 words

Astra Van Sportive 1.7 dti diesel

The best small van I've ever had!!

385 words, 5 comments

Astra SRi Turbo Limited Edition 2.0 turbo petrol

Wolf in sheep's clothing

225 words, 32 comments

Astra Bertone Coupe 1.8 16v

Good car, nice to drive fun, but with down falls too

229 words, 1 comment

Astra 1.7 DTi Envoy 1.7 DTi

Good all-rounder

38 words

Astra LS 17 DTI

Ideal family car

134 words, 1 comment

Astra SRi Turbo 2.0 turbocharged

Bad on fuel economy, great on performance!

122 words, 30 comments

Astra Club 16v

Reliablity at a reasonable cost

50 words, 1 comment

Astra Envoy DTi 1.7 DTi

Does it's job well

280 words, 2 comments

Astra SXi 1.8 16v petrol

Better than I was expecting

358 words

Astra Club Estate 1.6 8v

So far a good solid workhorse

198 words, 2 comments

Astra SRi 1.8

Golf GTI Beater

75 words, 2 comments

Astra SXi 1.8 16v

Fast, good looking and cheap to buy

184 words

Astra LX 1.6

Over priced, unreliable piece of rubbish

158 words, 2 comments

Astra SXi 1.8 16v

An excellent performer apart from the rear brakes.

269 words, 12 comments

Astra SRi Turbo 2.0 16v turbo

A great hot-hatch for an exceptional price

271 words, 38 comments

Astra SRi 2.2 16v petrol

Great fun and practical too!

397 words, 2 comments

Astra SXI 16v 1.6

Excellent value for money

60 words, 1 comment