1989 Vauxhall Belmont 1.3 petrol


Cheap, cheerful and fun - but all my friends laugh at me!


More welding than an aircraft carrier. Sills, arches and boot all corroded.

Interior dirty (guess that's my own fault!) and falling apart.

Central locking has packed up.

Had 3 alternators.

General Comments:

This car handles like a bus - it leans round corners instead of steering!

The engine is great, super reliable (oil changed regularly), economic, but has enough power to cruise on the motorway at 85. Selecting gears requires forcing the lever into place, but it all works fine.

Original sound system not bad at all.

The interior is pretty average. However Leg room in the back is poor and the front seats are uncomfortable.

Huge boot - I need a map to find my shopping!

Very sought after vehicle - mine's been nicked twice!

The alloy wheels always help me to find the kerb with their loud grinding noises.

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Review Date: 16th December, 2005

1989 Vauxhall Belmont CD 1.8i


Best bargain bucket money can buy!


Thermostat went : cost £40 to replace.

Erm... oh yeah... passenger side sun visor clip broke. Damn thing! Repaired with a cable tie.

Apart from that, absolutely nothing has gone wrong.

General Comments:

I can't believe how good this car is! I only bought it because it was cheap and looked in good condition. I expected to get two years out of it, tops. It has just passed another MOT and seems immune to problems.

The car is still quite fast (recent 0-60 in under 10 seconds), it still looks great (1 lady owner for 12 years before me) and is totally dependable.

In fact, I am waiting for it to give me trouble so I can justify buying a V6 Calibra or Probe, but the damn thing is so good, I know that getting rid of it will come back to haunt me!

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Review Date: 17th July, 2003

1989 Vauxhall Belmont SRi 1.8


Don't ever want another car


Nothing has gone wrong yet.

General Comments:

This is quite simply the best car I've ever had.

It's quick, comfortable and good-looking inside and out (the Mk2 interior is the best one of the lot).

Have not a single problem out of it at all. It came with full service history from a guy who'd looked after it well.

It's surprisingly economical and a joy to drive.

The boot is huge, and the back seats come down (unusual in a saloon) giving you as much floor space in the boot as an estate. It sleeps two very comfortably!

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Review Date: 8th November, 2002

1989 Vauxhall Belmont CD 1.8 injection


Reliable, cheap and surprisingly fast


Rear brake light bulb.

Minor oil leak.

Clutch cable broke.

Passengers electric window doesn't work.

Fan doesn't work.

General Comments:

Seems to be pretty much indestructible so far, no major problems have occurred.

Always starts and never lets me down even though it does a lot of hard miles.

Surprisingly quick for such a cheap old car. Only paid £350 for it with 9months MOT.

No real rust, but paint is poor and fading.

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Review Date: 19th June, 2002

1989 Vauxhall Belmont SRi 1.8


Doesn't know when to die


CV boots replaced 3 times in 9 years

Fuel system, all rubber pipes have rotted causing dramatic fuel leaks from 60000 onwards.

Rear brake cylinder seized at 100000.

Rust in the boot and around the front and rear wheel arches.

General Comments:

After 120000 miles it's still going strong.

Still very responsive.

Comfortable and a joy to drive.

Economical - I drive 50 miles a day and get 40MPG.

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Review Date: 22nd September, 2001