1995 Vauxhall Frontera reviews from UK and Ireland

Frontera Estate 2.8TDI

A lot of metal for your money

292 words

Frontera longwheel base 2.8 TDI

Excellent 4x4, cheap to run and maintain

86 words, 1 comment

Frontera Nautilus 2.3 turbo diesel

Good looking motor

20 words

Frontera Estate 2.8 TDI

Good looking car let down by the engineering

88 words, 20 comments

Frontera Estate 2.3 turbo diesel

Good value for money

64 words

Frontera Sport "S" 2.8 TDI

179 words, 2 comments

Frontera 5 Door Estate 2.3 turbo diesel

85 words