2013 Vauxhall Insignia SRi 1.8 petrol


Nice car, but used values are falling


No major disasters other than the normal wear and tear. There was a knocking from the suspension that was fixed when I got the car under warranty, and new discs and pads recently. All oil changes carried out and the car appears to be looked after.

General Comments:

This Insignia is the last of the older shape that was introduced in about 2008/9. My 2013 missed the updated models sharper looks, but I like the look of this one just fine. The 2017 newly introduced Insignia is an all new car though - and looks very different, but it will be a while before I can afford one of those.

Meanwhile, this is still a very sharp and modern car. Interior is very nice and spacious and the SRi is the one to go for with lots of equipment as standard. A lot of people moan about the electronic handbrake - I didn't like it at first either, but you get used to it. I suppose I'd prefer a lever though. It's just another pointless electronic thing that can go wrong. I went for the petrol engine as well after reading various reviews of diesel cars not being reliable long term. You can achieve 40MPG, which I can live with as well. Performance isn't great, but it goes when you need to, and is quiet and smooth. And if you keep on top of the oil changes and don't drive like a maniac, there is no reason you can't get a high mileage out of this car. If my 1980s Vauxhall Cavalier I had many years ago managed 150,000 miles plus, there is no reason this can't do it.

My more recent previous car was a 2009 Mondeo, and I can tell you there is little between these two cars now, just comes down to what you prefer.

Overall it's hard to say much more about it - it is a dull average car in reality, but to be fair I think Vauxhall tried with this one and it shows, but unfortunately these Insignias are not holding their value too well, but that's probably because there are so many around; I'd say it's more common than a Mondeo.

I'd recommend you try one of these if you want a modern reliable car - and go for a petrol; initial purchase is cheaper, and they are not as bad on fuel as you might think, plus you'll avoid long term diesel engine repair bills.

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Review Date: 4th May, 2018

15th Jun 2018, 12:29

You are right these are decent cars, and you can get some good deals on petrol ones, however I wouldn't totally write off the diesels - I just got a 2010 diesel model with low miles for about £3000. A lot of parts have been replaced so I'm confident it will last. Mind you the DPF light has been on, but a long drive sorted that out.