2006 Vauxhall Movano CDTI 2.5 turbo diesel


Not too impressed so far


The van has been back to the Vauxhall dealer 5 times in 6 months with braking problems.

Fuel leak from pipe.

Dash rattles.

Speakers are a bit naff.

General Comments:

We bought this van for our Freight Forwarding company which we cover about 250 miles per day.

Since we purchased the van, I think it is fair to say that I have been less than impressed with the reliability and Vauxhall customer service. They make all the promises under the sun when they want you to buy the van, but then when there is a problem, they don't keep their word and everything seems to be too much trouble.

I also find it pretty heavy on fuel. We put £90 of diesel in the tank every 600 miles.

The seats are OK and has a good driving position. The van is easy to drive and has tonnes of load space.

Just want my Vauxhall dealer to get their backsides into gear, to make sure the problems don't keep coming back.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 26th October, 2007

27th Dec 2007, 09:59

Just an update, The van has been in about four more times for various things since writing this review. It now has 27,000 miles on the clock and has had to have a new starter motor after the old one burnt out, new fuel pump and master cylinder and dash lights stopped working. Thanks to vauxhall they seem to stay on all the time now even when the headlight are not even turned on!! I really think that having no only owned this van and various other Vauxhall cars over the years that I would think long and hard before buying another Vauxhall.

3rd Jan 2010, 13:15

Well I've driven a Movano for 3 years now. Servicing, well that ain't brill; they never oil any doors or any part that has to have grease on it. It's a fleet van, so will be well glad when they take it back. Only bad point is I will end up with another one; don't think I can take another three years of another one.

Well there is one good point about it; it's 100% better than a Mercedes Sprinter; now they are crap, everything that can go wrong will go wrong with a Sprinter. Never ever buy one of them.