1983 Vauxhall Nova reviews from UK and Ireland

Nova Swing 1.0

Good value first car

210 words, 2 comments

Nova 1.0

Great fun for little more than the price of the petrol

141 words

Nova Swing 1.0 petrol

Very underrated

137 words, 1 comment

Nova GTE 1.6i petrol

A high performance bargain!!!

193 words, 2 comments

Nova SR 1.3 petrol

Magic little car, lots of fun for not so much money, NICE!!!

53 words

Nova L 1.2 SR replica

A young modifiers' dream!!!

164 words

Nova 1.0

Great sporty first car!!

22 words

Nova GTE Replica 1.2 OHV petrol

110 words

Nova Basic Model 1.0 petrol

53 words

Nova L 1.2 petrol (carb)

180 words